Monday, December 14, 2009

sabtuday is aqiqah at aysha's and met lil qayyum for the second time :)

we had some nasi.great doorgift.and best of all.we sambung aqiqah with guitar heroes! hahahaha we rocked aysha's crib till 5pm!! gila okeiii :p

kumpulan guitar terhebat!;)
masa ni lagu tak sempat posing sebelum markah menjadi 50% sahaja.hahahaha.i rocked the guitar okeiiii :P

and today..went for a jog with dad.then rushed to klcc with my cousins to the' at 2pm.had lunch and queued up like forever!spent 2 hours inside.and end up coming home at 6pm!! so tireddddd..7 hours melayan kerenah budak2 ni!and then i was soooo exhausted..and i slept till 830pm!woke up starving.and paps..made me angry.took my car and had all the car keys while i'm starving with no food at home.i'm the one who's supposed to be sulking.but now.we are both sulking.paps not talking to me...huuuuuu T___T (not feeling so awesome right now :( ) i hope everything will be alright.. T__T but still..i had an awesome weekend! hope u did too! have a great week ahead! much love xx

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