Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the next day was yet crazy!hehe...just lepak with family and went to see rumah sewa.woww so jauh okeii...i dun feel like i wanna live there.bayar rm650 pun tak sanggup kut..i mean,its not worth it since i'll be staying alone anyway :( then later at night went to meet nadz!! wahhh i is sooo missss her!! we havent seen each other for almost3 weeks kut! then we date at Pizza Uno :D it was my first time..lia insist me to go try the pizza there.so everytime i passed by centerpoint sure teringat2 pizza uno.so we tried the pizza.(more like me is the first time lah kan..) andddd..it tasted gooooodd!!!very da italian wannn..sedappp22!! mushroom soup pun sedap!!in addition with nadz's ground pepper joke! HAHAHAHHAHA bengong betol mamat waiter tu okei.nasib baik kat pizza uno takde waiter yang camtu.kalau tak, aku ketuk waiter tu ngan ground pepper dia :D:D:D

sunday is awesome too!jogged for 3kms.soooo tiring nowadays.but it does feel good!:) need to double up my laps.maybe someday i could do 6 rounds like sazzy. (huh.body terus jadi cam dia!woww! boleh masuk sehati berdansa ke?hahahah) then had family breakfast in village park.and off to maria's wedding in cheras.the wedding was simple and awesome.blue is not bad!;)

lepak for a while.then off to kajang.another lebam hangout with zulleng and mimot. (zulleng could be intepreted into two.zull + mereng = zulleng or...zull + leng (cantik.awesome) = zulleng) hehehe..dah lama tak makan satay! for the first time i ate four satay!!! i must be hungry!:P masa wedding pun tak makan mana..because the nasi minyak is sooo typical wedding dish.i ate ayam je kut.nasi 2 sudu.janji makannn.. :D pastu berjalan2 ke metropoint.fuiyyooo!! wa dah sampai metropoint woooo! :D so encik zulleng jangan nak tuntut i tak datang lepak ur place ok :P

weekends were awesome.lepak sampai lebam is loooonnnggg missed.but i is superbroke too!hehe.gaji masuk awal is sooo tak best ok.belum masuk january duit dah nak abes.crazy! :( i hope i'm not gonna waste more.tak pun mari kita puasa sehingga gaji masuk.hahahaha.sengal je.ok peeps.weekends updated ;o) can u believe it? it another two days till new year.2009 had been awesome!blessed and bliss :) hope to see u next year with more awesome updates! have a nice day.much love xx

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