Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pernah dengar lagu nelly - what your name is? sedap wooo..well actually part piano dia je.sebab dia campur dengan music rap si nelly.perghhh!! saya rasa satu cross breed yang bagus!syabas! (haha kenapa poyo gile!)

alhamdulillah..dah sebulan lebih keje kat jksm.nak sebut panjang2 kang terkejut korang baca "Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia".teheee :') i had always thought that i will end up with 'law' when i was younger.dulu ingat nak jadi lawyer.nak amek law malas sebab kena baca buku banyak.camne lah jid boleh amek law?? hebat weh! so i ended up working 'with' the syariah court instead.tehee :D okeilah tu kan? ;) but working with the court is not easy either.we hafta understand the syariah laws too.sebab kami2 ni buat system untuk memudahkan kes-kes syariah.(huh!i'm starting to bore u right?;P) so nak buat sistem kena faham procedure court jugak.so secara tak langsung,saya belajar law.bagus kan? ;)

chupp!! ape kaitan lagu nelly dengan sebulan keje kat jksm?hahaha sabar je lah :P well..my weekends was amazing that i sampai demam2 sebab the weather lately is stressful pleaseeee..kejap hujan kejap terik.now i'm back with a lil bit flu.janganlah melarat.malas dah nak pegi klinik.minggu lepas jugak my superrrr belovedddddd fizzo to da izzo got MARRIED!!!! i cried ok!seriously she is the craziest funniest friend ever!and now she's married to fio.who is totally opposite of her!so cool right?

ni muka cuba untuk membuat thug face.si fio takyah try pun dah muka thug :P

i went for the nikah last friday and alhamdulillah.just one lafaz and she is officially Puan Nor Hafizah! wowww!! puan please??? can u believe it!! the reception in PWTC was amazing tooo!!! she was s0ooo pretttyyyy in white dress.and fio definitely looked stunning!:) i am sooo happy that fizz has finally found the love of her life ;) alhamdulillah..may Allah bless them always.

the rest of the pictures should be in fb.uploaded ;) so yeah..it was such a gala event i loved every bit of it ;) i had a great time too!:):):)

and tomorrow they are off to bali!wowww!! selamat berhoneymoon fizz!!!good luck!!;p he he..so me,on the other hand.for the first time of the month!esok takde meeting LANGSUNG! so i can write letters (again) and start to send faxes and whatsoever.at least i am not bored doing nothing and NOW! i have my own HUGEEEE table too!!! will upload on that soon! ;) and now i can pasang lagu kuat2.cakap sorang2..takde gangguan! HAVE-N!! ;) esok nak mendecorate partition lah.haha!semangat ni! nak kasi mood time buat keje nanti.teeheee ;) so ok peeps.have a good rest.i'm gonna crash the bed.my tummy is killing me.much love xx

p/s:tadi i jumpa nadz!best!rasa cam time2 muda dulu.haha!oh and i cut my forehead with the car's door.boleh?clumsy or what?

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