Friday, November 13, 2009

i am freaaaakkinggg busyyyy!!!monday till friday is meetings till i puke!monday i present.first day of the month.lagi sengal.terkepit2 je muka.pffttt! second day was ok.third day was superb.gone mcD yes.akhirnya dapat makan mcD!!setelah sebulan berpuasa.cewahhh!fourth day was pizza!boss belanja.and today is big apple.kawan belanja.isn't it awesome?? superlove kan? but i puked most of the mornings.angin semacam.and i ate pun i akan puke balik.mengalahkan orang mengandung.i think my tummy was confused between gastric and might as well blurt it out that's why i have to eat all those yummy i can cover back all the puked out :P (apehal cite pasal puke je ni..hahaha)

soo..for the past 7 weeks! can u believe it?? i've been working for almost 8 weeks now! i have rambut like samurai jepun now.and its getting longer.

i have my own hugeeeee space nowwwww!!! siap ada meja for guests to come and discuss!;) (oh u can see i tengah chat ngan u zull on fb!!;p)

this table is another section at my place.its right behind my hugeee table :D i loike.and i miss my rempit boy!!! he's in kuala now (i guess)

i had webcam with lil adam.all the way from norway! hello baby adam.helo eija too!;)

and 500 days of superlove! <3 i can somehow relate myself to serious relationship.then suddenly kawen :D boleh?? hoh!scaryyyy..

so another two stressful weeks till my job is done as the organizer.wish me all the best and have a great weekenddd!! i know i'm gonna enjoy mine ;) hmmmmm nak buat ape ek esok...

much love xx

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