Sunday, November 22, 2009

lets do this. (soalan2 adalah rekaan sendiri)

1.what do u miss the most?
i miss japan.i miss phone calls from perth and canada.seriously.i mean it.

2.what kind of music soothes you?
spacious.dreamy.and put my head at no where :)

3.what are u listening to right now?
space rock :) first breath after coma.i could not explain more.

4.are u missing anyone?who?
yes.both of my 'P's.

5.what did u do today?
i went to the zoo.and it was amazing!

6.are u happy now?
i am.much much more! its like falling in love :) (camni eh rasa dia.hahaha suka hati je buat assumption)

7.are u tired of something?
i am..tired of the sense of missing.

8.when was the last time u felt so amazing?
when i was in primary.i was the best student throughout the years!

9.who was ur best enemy?
i don't have enemies.but i hate them and they did not know that :P are they consider as enemies? :D

10.what do u want to do right now?
i want to sleep and wake up with a smile tomorrow :)

have a nice weekends.i can't wait for new moon!! and of cos, pay moon too!! hahaha trying to sleep now.much love xx

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