Tuesday, November 24, 2009

heee :D i am in love!!! yes.can u believe it? i am finally in love.hahahah.cam serious je bunyi.but sorry to dissapoint you.but i am in love! with my job! i never felt so psyched to go to work everyday.waking up at 6.driving the car at 120km/h.its like a new life.alhamdulillah i'm getting used to it.tak pindah pun rasa ok kut.its just that the cost of ulang alik was a bit expensive though.but the pay!! woww!! the pay was wayyyyy much better than 1 and half years ago.then again,alhamdulillah.like nonon said,rezeki kerja kat tempat baru ;) *true enough*

and i am also in love with my mc call!! <3 she is a doll! it's love at first sight!!
yep.its super plain.but i just love it.its velvet ( i was always suckers for velvet :P) and its superrrr lighttt!! its flat! and it's crocs! my brother couldnt believe it's crocs.well of course he mocked me by saying that i could get 4 pairs of the same design at vincci.chet! i've always wanted for alice.well i waited for almost a year! because they told me its discontinue! but i went to OU last night and ada pulak! terus sms nonon suruh datang OU shopping kasut :D tapi i sudah jatuh chenta sama mc call ;)

well my next mission is Cotton On,Pavvilion! weeee i can't wait!!wawottt!! lets gooooo!! :D hehehe..oh have u watched 2012?tadi pegi tengok that movie.wow! although its kinda crap lah kan plane,vassel bla bla bla.tapi the picture of end of the day tu..really spooked me off! i cried in fear! serious.imagine kita takde chance nak survive! tunggu masa je.u wanna say sorry to ur dad.but ur dad died.sedih tauuu..terus insaf dalam wayang tu.hoh T__T but in other words,imagine that was really how it looks like kalau kiamat.serious scarryyy ( i pernah mimpi about the same thing.and i can't do anything at all to save myself or even anyone else) tu i rasa cam terus insaf giler tu :( someday..the day will come,kan?

so,who's up for next movie? new moon, lets? :):) much love xx

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