Friday, November 20, 2009

yeay!! dah siap! and i'm loving it ;) nice one mams!<3 now got space for for that masa makan MUST NOT watch tv.nanti tak looked longer too! like town house.memanjang kebelakang.hehe.

work today was amazing.but super sleepy.woke up twice in the middle of the night.woke up late! like 45minutes late.menggelabah bangun mandi drove off to work macam orang gile.seb baik tak eksiden ;p (kids don't do this on road :D ) and then got meetings.and i jadi mc like so funny mangaiii.fumbled at first.sumpah aku nervous! derang kata aku cool?!! then later caught back on track.nasib baik..cuak gak depan tan sri..alhamdulillah selesai dengan cemerlang ;p and then hafta do paperwork for absent friend.better pay me +wm.if not i tuntut sampai kesudah.heh.and yippie yo! esok pegi zoo!! looks like mam,dad,big bro n kids,big sis and kid too! and aunty also joining.perhaps abg mal too! he just came back from states.with his! meriahnya!! must be fun fun!gonna meet jacob and inara for the first time too (insyaAllah) camno den nak cakap bahaso mat salleh ngan budak kacuk filipin ni :P hohoho.hope u will have an awesome weekends ok! much love xx

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