Saturday, November 28, 2009

yeayyyy!! baru balik from OU with shila!! i miss hanging out with her.thanks shila for making it up!dah lama tak lepak and gelak like crazy with you!! <3 we had lunch at good evening bangkok.not bad lah the tomyam,poh piah and all.but the kuew tiau dat baby had was quite sweet :P

teman her bought her new watch too! superlove it babe! cerr***!sapa tak love kan!and i think its hot on u.nasib baik i pilih,kan?;p then we went for cotton on hunting! and double yeay!coz i finally found my favourite shop which is just 5mins away from home!i will be your bestfriend!;) so shila love the shop too.she bought long cardigans,two tops!,two pumps and i bought these two cute pumps!! thanks denise,for introducing it to me!<3

isn't it awesome? ;) as awesome as it bank is not awesome anymore.i have to stop more shopping till december :P next shopping trip will be at cotton on (again!) because i want to buy that long shirt.but it was a bit tooo long for me.looked like i was wearing a long checkered dress over a skinny jeans.weird :P so,sorry shopping malls.i am done for now.i had spent almost 2.5K's in a week!gila tak? :D so i need to save some money for dad's birthday and my trip to u think dad will like to have another mont blanc? :P

and for the rest of the weekends.i think it will stop today.i had great time with lil cousin's kids today.rayyan is s0oooo adorable!! i love those eyes! so lazy and yet sooo ROUNDDDDD :P

and hello to our newly home cousin,inara :) she just came back from richmond,VA.she's my cousin,abang mal's daughter.she's ok ;) at times can be a bit moody :P maybe she doesn't understand malay.but we do talk in english with her.terasa macam mat salleh aa kejap.hehehe.but she's definitely a 'OK' :) she reminds me of the japanese kids back in Japan,kan? :)

that will be inara,at the her new orange kebaya.then to the left is ayra,mia and rayyan, abang lan's cute kan,them! so yeap! that wraps up my weekends! :) i am gonna have a gooooood rest with HEROES tomorrow.and monday is back to work.bestnyaaa!! :):) what a great saturday.i rubi you!! <3 much love xx

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