Friday, November 27, 2009

lagi 3 hari dah nak masuk bulan baru.can u believe it? tomorrow is my 2nd anniversary!haha.working with the government ;) everyone was asking whether i like working with the government.i guess the answer is yes :) well..of cos its not because of the 'private' or 'government' differences kinda thing.its the people.the crowd are amayyyyzingly nice.irresistably funny!! and i laugh like almost everyday!! i enjoy working here! seriously :) so for now..i am appreciating every work i do..insyaAllah..

and yesterday..was bulan baru too! heheheh..zull and gang and me went to watch 'New Moon'! wowww!! jacob is ssuppppperrrrhotttt!!! tolak tepi edward oke!!hahahah..but edward will always be my first husband!! XD LOL.jacob's body is like woahhhh 6,8,10 packs ke weh?? aku tengok tak berkelip okei!sengaja plak dia buat banyak scenes si jacob ni tak pakai baju.auwww!! ;p tapi bila edward bukan baju.terus cam.."erk okei..banyaknye bulu badan dia???" hahahahah now who's the werewolves ni?? :P but overall the movie was selfishly about bella and her traumatic and dramatic life.trying to get edward's attention but at the same time trying to keep jacob.hellooo?? mana achi okei??ko ingat ko boleh dapat dua2??? >:P but yes,the movie is not as good as twilight.bummer :( but i had a great time with zull!! it was our first time meeting!but i didn't take any photos lah.nanti i curik from zull :) thanks zull for having me! ur friends are funny too :) hope to see u again.

and today is hari raya aidiladha.i woke up at 9am!can u believe it? feeling nothing special going on.dragging my feet to the kitchen.prepared the food and cooked rendang which was suppperrrrbbbbbbbly sedap! and then got lontong and did the dishes and all.then mom got back from solat raya.had breakfast then ayah le was the first family to come beraya :).then got nasi dagang from aunty ani.but tak sempat sentuh lagi.i was s0ooooo sleepy n i was back on bed till 1pm!! gile okei.hahaha.then bangun balik kemas2 rumah lagi.did all the dishes semua.then my aunty came with her whole bunch.i pun tukar baju raya ( baru ada semangat sket :P ) then i was soo tired by then.decided to watch chuck til 6.and off to the park for a jog.boring kan,my raya? :P

and now,i am almost broke :P tolak hutang sana sini..tinggal cukup2 makan je ni..nak survive till december :P so cotton on,i am down to u.then after buying u..i promise i will stop shopping :P ok? *finger crossed* boleh? :D :D sekian.kisah bulan baru.have a nice weekends! much love xx

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