Saturday, November 28, 2009

yeayyyy!! baru balik from OU with shila!! i miss hanging out with her.thanks shila for making it up!dah lama tak lepak and gelak like crazy with you!! <3 we had lunch at good evening bangkok.not bad lah the tomyam,poh piah and all.but the kuew tiau dat baby had was quite sweet :P

teman her bought her new watch too! superlove it babe! cerr***!sapa tak love kan!and i think its hot on u.nasib baik i pilih,kan?;p then we went for cotton on hunting! and double yeay!coz i finally found my favourite shop which is just 5mins away from home!i will be your bestfriend!;) so shila love the shop too.she bought long cardigans,two tops!,two pumps and i bought these two cute pumps!! thanks denise,for introducing it to me!<3

isn't it awesome? ;) as awesome as it bank is not awesome anymore.i have to stop more shopping till december :P next shopping trip will be at cotton on (again!) because i want to buy that long shirt.but it was a bit tooo long for me.looked like i was wearing a long checkered dress over a skinny jeans.weird :P so,sorry shopping malls.i am done for now.i had spent almost 2.5K's in a week!gila tak? :D so i need to save some money for dad's birthday and my trip to u think dad will like to have another mont blanc? :P

and for the rest of the weekends.i think it will stop today.i had great time with lil cousin's kids today.rayyan is s0oooo adorable!! i love those eyes! so lazy and yet sooo ROUNDDDDD :P

and hello to our newly home cousin,inara :) she just came back from richmond,VA.she's my cousin,abang mal's daughter.she's ok ;) at times can be a bit moody :P maybe she doesn't understand malay.but we do talk in english with her.terasa macam mat salleh aa kejap.hehehe.but she's definitely a 'OK' :) she reminds me of the japanese kids back in Japan,kan? :)

that will be inara,at the her new orange kebaya.then to the left is ayra,mia and rayyan, abang lan's cute kan,them! so yeap! that wraps up my weekends! :) i am gonna have a gooooood rest with HEROES tomorrow.and monday is back to work.bestnyaaa!! :):) what a great saturday.i rubi you!! <3 much love xx

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Friday, November 27, 2009

lagi 3 hari dah nak masuk bulan baru.can u believe it? tomorrow is my 2nd anniversary!haha.working with the government ;) everyone was asking whether i like working with the government.i guess the answer is yes :) well..of cos its not because of the 'private' or 'government' differences kinda thing.its the people.the crowd are amayyyyzingly nice.irresistably funny!! and i laugh like almost everyday!! i enjoy working here! seriously :) so for now..i am appreciating every work i do..insyaAllah..

and yesterday..was bulan baru too! heheheh..zull and gang and me went to watch 'New Moon'! wowww!! jacob is ssuppppperrrrhotttt!!! tolak tepi edward oke!!hahahah..but edward will always be my first husband!! XD LOL.jacob's body is like woahhhh 6,8,10 packs ke weh?? aku tengok tak berkelip okei!sengaja plak dia buat banyak scenes si jacob ni tak pakai baju.auwww!! ;p tapi bila edward bukan baju.terus cam.."erk okei..banyaknye bulu badan dia???" hahahahah now who's the werewolves ni?? :P but overall the movie was selfishly about bella and her traumatic and dramatic life.trying to get edward's attention but at the same time trying to keep jacob.hellooo?? mana achi okei??ko ingat ko boleh dapat dua2??? >:P but yes,the movie is not as good as twilight.bummer :( but i had a great time with zull!! it was our first time meeting!but i didn't take any photos lah.nanti i curik from zull :) thanks zull for having me! ur friends are funny too :) hope to see u again.

and today is hari raya aidiladha.i woke up at 9am!can u believe it? feeling nothing special going on.dragging my feet to the kitchen.prepared the food and cooked rendang which was suppperrrrbbbbbbbly sedap! and then got lontong and did the dishes and all.then mom got back from solat raya.had breakfast then ayah le was the first family to come beraya :).then got nasi dagang from aunty ani.but tak sempat sentuh lagi.i was s0ooooo sleepy n i was back on bed till 1pm!! gile okei.hahaha.then bangun balik kemas2 rumah lagi.did all the dishes semua.then my aunty came with her whole bunch.i pun tukar baju raya ( baru ada semangat sket :P ) then i was soo tired by then.decided to watch chuck til 6.and off to the park for a jog.boring kan,my raya? :P

and now,i am almost broke :P tolak hutang sana sini..tinggal cukup2 makan je ni..nak survive till december :P so cotton on,i am down to u.then after buying u..i promise i will stop shopping :P ok? *finger crossed* boleh? :D :D sekian.kisah bulan baru.have a nice weekends! much love xx

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

the terkojut badak suprise was a success~~!! happy birthday babe! thanks via for making it happen!thanks shoe for getting the cake. the cake was yummy.the crowd was funny.had a great laughs.memang gelak teruk gila ah.thanks all u girls! love love xx

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

heee :D i am in love!!! yes.can u believe it? i am finally in serious je bunyi.but sorry to dissapoint you.but i am in love! with my job! i never felt so psyched to go to work everyday.waking up at 6.driving the car at 120km/h.its like a new life.alhamdulillah i'm getting used to it.tak pindah pun rasa ok kut.its just that the cost of ulang alik was a bit expensive though.but the pay!! woww!! the pay was wayyyyy much better than 1 and half years ago.then again, nonon said,rezeki kerja kat tempat baru ;) *true enough*

and i am also in love with my mc call!! <3 she is a doll! it's love at first sight!!
yep.its super plain.but i just love it.its velvet ( i was always suckers for velvet :P) and its superrrr lighttt!! its flat! and it's crocs! my brother couldnt believe it's crocs.well of course he mocked me by saying that i could get 4 pairs of the same design at vincci.chet! i've always wanted for alice.well i waited for almost a year! because they told me its discontinue! but i went to OU last night and ada pulak! terus sms nonon suruh datang OU shopping kasut :D tapi i sudah jatuh chenta sama mc call ;)

well my next mission is Cotton On,Pavvilion! weeee i can't wait!!wawottt!! lets gooooo!! :D hehehe..oh have u watched 2012?tadi pegi tengok that! although its kinda crap lah kan plane,vassel bla bla bla.tapi the picture of end of the day tu..really spooked me off! i cried in fear! serious.imagine kita takde chance nak survive! tunggu masa je.u wanna say sorry to ur dad.but ur dad died.sedih tauuu..terus insaf dalam wayang tu.hoh T__T but in other words,imagine that was really how it looks like kalau kiamat.serious scarryyy ( i pernah mimpi about the same thing.and i can't do anything at all to save myself or even anyone else) tu i rasa cam terus insaf giler tu :( someday..the day will come,kan?

so,who's up for next movie? new moon, lets? :):) much love xx

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

zoo best!4 jam jalan pun tak terasa.flamingo sangat cantik.saya tangkap banyak gile gamba! lense baru pun best.superlove the family outings! i had great weekends!how was yours? :)

esok payday! yeay yeay! ok.goodnight.much love xx

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lets do this. (soalan2 adalah rekaan sendiri)

1.what do u miss the most?
i miss japan.i miss phone calls from perth and canada.seriously.i mean it.

2.what kind of music soothes you?
spacious.dreamy.and put my head at no where :)

3.what are u listening to right now?
space rock :) first breath after coma.i could not explain more.

4.are u missing anyone?who?
yes.both of my 'P's.

5.what did u do today?
i went to the zoo.and it was amazing!

6.are u happy now?
i am.much much more! its like falling in love :) (camni eh rasa dia.hahaha suka hati je buat assumption)

7.are u tired of something?
i am..tired of the sense of missing.

8.when was the last time u felt so amazing?
when i was in primary.i was the best student throughout the years!

9.who was ur best enemy?
i don't have enemies.but i hate them and they did not know that :P are they consider as enemies? :D

10.what do u want to do right now?
i want to sleep and wake up with a smile tomorrow :)

have a nice weekends.i can't wait for new moon!! and of cos, pay moon too!! hahaha trying to sleep now.much love xx

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Friday, November 20, 2009

yeay!! dah siap! and i'm loving it ;) nice one mams!<3 now got space for for that masa makan MUST NOT watch tv.nanti tak looked longer too! like town house.memanjang kebelakang.hehe.

work today was amazing.but super sleepy.woke up twice in the middle of the night.woke up late! like 45minutes late.menggelabah bangun mandi drove off to work macam orang gile.seb baik tak eksiden ;p (kids don't do this on road :D ) and then got meetings.and i jadi mc like so funny mangaiii.fumbled at first.sumpah aku nervous! derang kata aku cool?!! then later caught back on track.nasib baik..cuak gak depan tan sri..alhamdulillah selesai dengan cemerlang ;p and then hafta do paperwork for absent friend.better pay me +wm.if not i tuntut sampai kesudah.heh.and yippie yo! esok pegi zoo!! looks like mam,dad,big bro n kids,big sis and kid too! and aunty also joining.perhaps abg mal too! he just came back from states.with his! meriahnya!! must be fun fun!gonna meet jacob and inara for the first time too (insyaAllah) camno den nak cakap bahaso mat salleh ngan budak kacuk filipin ni :P hohoho.hope u will have an awesome weekends ok! much love xx

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

did i tell u i miss u babe? i did.we just texted each u the warrrrmeeessttt hugg!! take care! much love xx

batu pahat 2007 :)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today is superlove. came meetings.watching heroes.and got scones from kan? what a great day! :)

much love xx

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

both of u.

taken on our first date at Raju's :) 2008

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Friday, November 13, 2009

i am freaaaakkinggg busyyyy!!!monday till friday is meetings till i puke!monday i present.first day of the month.lagi sengal.terkepit2 je muka.pffttt! second day was ok.third day was superb.gone mcD yes.akhirnya dapat makan mcD!!setelah sebulan berpuasa.cewahhh!fourth day was pizza!boss belanja.and today is big apple.kawan belanja.isn't it awesome?? superlove kan? but i puked most of the mornings.angin semacam.and i ate pun i akan puke balik.mengalahkan orang mengandung.i think my tummy was confused between gastric and might as well blurt it out that's why i have to eat all those yummy i can cover back all the puked out :P (apehal cite pasal puke je ni..hahaha)

soo..for the past 7 weeks! can u believe it?? i've been working for almost 8 weeks now! i have rambut like samurai jepun now.and its getting longer.

i have my own hugeeeee space nowwwww!!! siap ada meja for guests to come and discuss!;) (oh u can see i tengah chat ngan u zull on fb!!;p)

this table is another section at my place.its right behind my hugeee table :D i loike.and i miss my rempit boy!!! he's in kuala now (i guess)

i had webcam with lil adam.all the way from norway! hello baby adam.helo eija too!;)

and 500 days of superlove! <3 i can somehow relate myself to serious relationship.then suddenly kawen :D boleh?? hoh!scaryyyy..

so another two stressful weeks till my job is done as the organizer.wish me all the best and have a great weekenddd!! i know i'm gonna enjoy mine ;) hmmmmm nak buat ape ek esok...

much love xx

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pernah dengar lagu nelly - what your name is? sedap wooo..well actually part piano dia je.sebab dia campur dengan music rap si nelly.perghhh!! saya rasa satu cross breed yang bagus!syabas! (haha kenapa poyo gile!)

alhamdulillah..dah sebulan lebih keje kat jksm.nak sebut panjang2 kang terkejut korang baca "Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia".teheee :') i had always thought that i will end up with 'law' when i was younger.dulu ingat nak jadi lawyer.nak amek law malas sebab kena baca buku banyak.camne lah jid boleh amek law?? hebat weh! so i ended up working 'with' the syariah court instead.tehee :D okeilah tu kan? ;) but working with the court is not easy either.we hafta understand the syariah laws too.sebab kami2 ni buat system untuk memudahkan kes-kes syariah.(huh!i'm starting to bore u right?;P) so nak buat sistem kena faham procedure court secara tak langsung,saya belajar law.bagus kan? ;)

chupp!! ape kaitan lagu nelly dengan sebulan keje kat jksm?hahaha sabar je lah :P weekends was amazing that i sampai demam2 sebab the weather lately is stressful pleaseeee..kejap hujan kejap i'm back with a lil bit flu.janganlah melarat.malas dah nak pegi klinik.minggu lepas jugak my superrrr belovedddddd fizzo to da izzo got MARRIED!!!! i cried ok!seriously she is the craziest funniest friend ever!and now she's married to fio.who is totally opposite of her!so cool right?

ni muka cuba untuk membuat thug fio takyah try pun dah muka thug :P

i went for the nikah last friday and alhamdulillah.just one lafaz and she is officially Puan Nor Hafizah! wowww!! puan please??? can u believe it!! the reception in PWTC was amazing tooo!!! she was s0ooo pretttyyyy in white dress.and fio definitely looked stunning!:) i am sooo happy that fizz has finally found the love of her life ;) alhamdulillah..may Allah bless them always.

the rest of the pictures should be in fb.uploaded ;) so was such a gala event i loved every bit of it ;) i had a great time too!:):):)

and tomorrow they are off to bali!wowww!! selamat berhoneymoon fizz!!!good luck!!;p he me,on the other hand.for the first time of the month!esok takde meeting LANGSUNG! so i can write letters (again) and start to send faxes and least i am not bored doing nothing and NOW! i have my own HUGEEEE table too!!! will upload on that soon! ;) and now i can pasang lagu kuat2.cakap sorang2..takde gangguan! HAVE-N!! ;) esok nak mendecorate partition lah.haha!semangat ni! nak kasi mood time buat keje nanti.teeheee ;) so ok peeps.have a good rest.i'm gonna crash the tummy is killing me.much love xx

p/s:tadi i jumpa nadz!best!rasa cam time2 muda dulu.haha!oh and i cut my forehead with the car's door.boleh?clumsy or what?

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

a must seee wehhhh..start2 jee..terus ternganga macam tengah tengok concert live michael jackson! the music the dancing woww!!terhebat!! the whole story brings u to the live set of MJ before his concert in london.but the whole music ya Allah seriouslah wehhh he IS the best!for the first time in my life..i think i love MJ.auw!! ;)

may he rest in peace.aminnn..

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

yo.hari minggu yang best!dapat tido yang lena.teh ais yang sedap (as always).dan jogging yang sempurna.cewah :P kenapa mesti hujan semalam?sudah lari routine gue.pfft.tapi takpe.hujan pun best.lama tak overslept on weekends.last time i had been almost a year i havent wake up at 12 or 1 pm on the weekends.tahniah! ;p overslept lately pun pukul 9 je.SEMBILAN JE?? oh tapi lately memang tido cukup giler!like pukul 12 tu maximum i could stayed up.then sedar2 dah k.o depan pc.tengok2 jam dah kol 6 :P pernah tido kol 1 pagi end up esoknya lambat pegi keje.haihhh cepatlah pindah rumah baruuuuu..i wanna wake up at 8 pleaseeee..i miss those days!! T__T and i am officially broke like mc hammer broke!:P

i owed dad like god knows how much lah kan.tsk.tapi kira kena bayar balik.unless daddy is kind enough to kasi loan separuh harga.haha.siot je! but damn i can't wait for payday.most of my friends yang baru masuk pun dah dapat gaji!kitorang still nyawa2 ikan ni.dah sebulan tak bergaji.although nanti end of this month (since now is already november lah kan) insyaAllah gaji masuk double.tapi nak tunggu hujung tuu..oh bulan!enngan melayan diri ku lagiiiiiii..pabila airmata membasahi pipi T__T huuuu sangat sedih.sebab tengok baju cantik2 kat OU takleh beli.tengok beg ini dengan lirikan mata yang tidak mahu melepaskan pandangan!hoh!

haihhh...mengeluh panjang tuan hamba :P sedih wooo..tengok tapi tak mampu nak beli!takpe!beta nekad :P hehe

banyak giler benda nak beli nih.nak guna kredit kad memang jauh panggang dari api.sebab memang tak ada baik shadap kan? :P pehtu plak tiba2 tengok jiran hujung umah tu beli ini!! aduihhhh lagi bikin panassssss!!

exactly color ni.bentuk semua serupa lah! (of cos lah kan :p) pehhh..siap lalu sebelah kita lambai2 plak tu.hish!ini mendatangkan kemarahan! (emo plak!hahaha) haihh..takpelah.tak dapat naik.tengok je sambil drooling =p~ hehehe..alaa berangan je lah kan.tak salah ;) mimpi itu indah.cewah!

so now i kena shadap.buat keje.masuk gaji nanti baru i boleh bising.lompat2 happy.terus beli ah beetle tu.aku kisah hape!hahhahaa! eh tak,beli miniature je lah kan :P (dah ada pun.kaler merah hot.auw!) tapi nak beli besar sikit that kira cam angan2 akan tercapai lah.mula2 beli miniature kecik.pastu besar sikit.pastu kita beli yang besar terus.kira one step at a time (AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH bengong!) so cukup setakat ini angan cik erin kita.paper proposal tak siap lagi.esok kena hantar dah.jumaat ni fizah nikah!! OMG OMG!!can u believe it??? cepatnyeeee masa berlalu.i am so nervous!!! i hafta get things done semua.jangan makan nasi semua.sebab sabtu kena suck in my guts.haha!ok peeps.i hope u had a great weekend! i know nadz did.she got her lontong of cos ;) senyum sampai telinga makan lontong ye..hehe..

unfortunately,takziah to my dear friend,karimah.her only brother had just passed away.innalillah..i hope ur being strong there babe.i'll be aroun.semoga Allah tempatkan arwah bersama orang-orang yang beriman.Amin..Allah knows what is best for him.hope all is well.much love xx

p/s:dalam kegembiraan kita,jangan lupa ada yang bersedih..cest la vie.

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