Monday, October 05, 2009

i am realllyy moody lately.well definitely i am confused with my hormones not that i'm pregnant or anything but it keeps me like so over-ratedly happy and bubbly at one point and the worst person u would want to be around at the other.i'm like incredible hulk T__T definitely i will blame the stressful bangun pukul 6 pagi mata terkulat,tangan tarik selimut,alarm tekan snooze.and kena kuar dari umah before 7 so that reach ofis by 730!huh pekerja cemerlang.balik2 pukul 5 dah kena lari cepat2 sebab LDP sangat jammed 530 tell me? stress tak? :P

i'm like easily irritated when dad was asking too much lately.not just him lah.abang ke..mama adik ke..(since i started working in putrajaya of cos) whenever i was sitting quitely in front of the tv doing nothing they'll go "penat erin...?" and if i was just sitting and lazing around keeping my thoughts to myself..they'll ask "kenapa..? penat ke..?" and the worst part was that when i brushed my teeth and washed my face!!! nak basuh muka pun taleh ke?? my dad will ask "nak tido dah...?" lahhh..nak gosok gigi pun takleh ke?? ARGHHHHHHH!!!! semua benda nak tanya!!! even i was up to work "dah nak pegi dah?" "bawak kete elok2..jangan bawak laju2" if i was a little bit 5 freaking minutes..they'll said "pukul berapa nak pegi nih??dah lambat!!" OMFG!!! semua benda is like i KENOT do on my own they rather dressed me up to work.send me on time.brush my teeth when i want to sleep and i can't even duduk diam2 rehat without any of them asking sooo many questions!agak tensi >:(

ok maybe i was over reacted.but seriously.if the questions were like 4 times a day.and 7 times a week.don't u think its too much?!! come on~~~ cut me some slacks!yes,i'm tired.and no,i am not sleeping yet until i want to.just because i brush my teeth doesnt mean i'm going straight to bed.goossshh!!! give me some roooommmm and not just nag and nag and nag and nag.ok let me try to think of it as a positive thing.they might just want to be supportive.and they were worried that u hafta to drive that far with 'your' speed limit.they were hoping ur not gonna crashed into some other cars. or maybe they don't want you to rush to work.just keeping the right pace.maybe they are trying to ask you how was your day..instead of being sarcastic asking if u're tired although its definitely obvious that ur like lying flat right on ur face right now.

oh well.tak kisahlah hari hari pun kena tebalkan telinga.bebalkan muka cakap "taklah!mana ada penat.." papa nak tanya sejuta kali pun takpe.sebab i know u lap me.and i lap u even mooooooooreeeeeeeee :):):)

ok.esok buat lagi eh pa? :P sebab esok nak duit isi minyak.teeheeee :D

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