Friday, October 30, 2009

do u know that communication plays an important role?

that day aa..a friend wants to borrow a car from pd.she wants to go back pj because got meeting.we got one friend who drove a car to PD.but the car manual wan.but then the owner did not even offer the friend,the car.but the friend assumed that the owner will let the friend use the car because she has to go back pj for urgent wann..but the car is the friend was asking if anyone could drive the car so she can go back pj to do her work lah.but then the car is not hers from the very first place.then the owner said kenot borrow.because she scared anything will happen because the friend dunno how to drive manual the friend is pissed off because the owner did not let her use the car.she said so hard to ask for help wan..and she already ask someone to drive the car back to pj what?its not ur car maa..why want to marah wan??so,who should be angry now?

that day aa..i have to send letter to 5 different companies.but the letters was meant for the outsiders.the meeting involves 5 different meaning 5 different i got like list of names who will have to attend all the meetings but i will inform later after sending off the actual letter.i wanted to send in the company's memo and inform who will come on those 5 days.but then aa..the clerk already printed out 5 sets of letters to alllll the people who should come to the now the people weird weird why they have so many letters.but i actually wanted to send a memo where i will make a table on which date they will come so that no need to send many2 letters lor..then the clerk pandai2 send to all now,i am confused myself.was it my fault or the clerk?

and then aa..i was not in the mood to i wanna keep quite and do whatever keeps me busy.i wanted to hang out with just my close friends, A and i told B i wanna just hang out with A and B.then C came to B's workstation and accidentally read my C assumed i dont wanna hang out with C.i was in a bad mood.C was not even in my was i to be blamed for not inviting C to join me? goshhh i am definitely confused now.was it my fault or was it just bull luck? :(

so..tell it so hard to communicate when what u think was not what people predicted.haihhh..what a shitty friday.and tomorrow tak jadi pegi zoo.lagi i dunno what to do on weekends.pathetic boleh? :(

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