Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hello peeps!hows ur day? woww as for me~ i have s0ooo many meetings.suka! tapi penat lah sikit.tapi harini satu hari tak masuk office like duduk depan pc semua.today we got jamuan hari raya.ya Allah.food galore~~~ like crazy wan!! kfc,carrot cheese cake,nasi arab,laksa penang,rendang,lemang,satay,dadih,cakes and loads of cakes.so many menu that i could not imagine myself eating it.so as usual,yours truly end up not eating any rice today (kang tak muat kain untuk reception my bestfriends wedding camne?? haaa...) so,after the jamuan we hafta clean up some more.very very tiring! then got aku janji sumpah..from 3.30 til 5!so terus balik rumah.

esok got meeting from 9-5! welcome to the world erin :P and so,i shall not bore u with my new job until i keep myself sane and put my head back together.besides having my body clock goes upside down,my appetite was never shut down :P food here is superrrr cheappppp (ni memang aku suka!) i can have breakfast + lunch for only rm7-8! best giler ok.nasi kerabu dia sedap giler like got lauk paru-paru goreng and all.only rm3.50! heavennnnnnnn T__T anyways..i hope i'll not neglect my other halves :) i still owe azz an email.nak hantar email haritu..tapi cerita macam dah basi jee.. :( i just don't have the time to cerita panjang2 yang siap penuh emosi tuuuu..i miss those days.so i need to find a perfect time to write ok azz ;* i will write to u soon azz! xx and i miss talking to nuren.fiza.and lela.lel's in london.bertuah punya budak.last time i checked she was busy berkempen :P the next thing i know i got a text from london..haih.and fizz!! i miss uuuu!! i wanna go back working in damas.so we can go lunch every week.but not with the same old company boleh? i wish i'm working in INTAN now :( and i've sent the dress for your reception! and also another 4 baju kurung is on its way ;) haihhh can't wait for the baju kurung to siap! nervoussss!! (gedik gile..semangat hantar jahit baju kurung.sebab wardrobe is about to recycle niiii.susah plak since pakaian ruji is now baju kurung..) and nuwennnnnn..i need uuuuu..please keep me updated and alive :( saya rindu chatto sama kamu and gossip hangat :P hahahah *ish ish..mengucap erinnnn..* :P

well i know i will be superrrr hectic sebab sekarang sudah menjadi boss kecik.so kena tahu pasal sistem semua, baru boleh nak contribute dalam kerja.so,wish me luck :) i think two weeks update of my new workplace is enough kuttt :) i shall declare the normal life of erin adnan shall begun! ;) go to sleep sleepy heads.much love xx

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