Saturday, October 10, 2009

hey ho! hows it going? alhamdulillah.i am now getting my baby steps one at haa..lama tak update blog.its either no time or too tired.and can you believe it? i am now sleeping at 10pm!! almost every day! :"> well..i am adapting to it though.although there's soo many things to do and so many things to catch goes..

that's my new place u see up there :) its an amazing building although i only have the time to see the sight when i arrived at work.lunch time.and heading home ;p obviously most of the times were just in front of the pc,meetings meetings and endless meetings!sigh.. but i think i am slowly getting used to it.oh did i mention? i am now an IT officer in Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah.sounds cheesy ey?lol.but alhamdulillah.i am all grateful as long as i won't be sent off to another states.mati kutu kuttttt... :P so far the work was to handle nak tanya ape2 pasal mahkamah syariah nanti..silalah tanya saya.he he..and note : CAN NOT USE HARSH WORDS in the all! because u will end up looking like an idiot.and the F word is no longer a cool word to use.(boring kan?eh takleh2..baguslah camtu :P) but so far..ehem2..the ba alif ba ya word pun i dah tak guna :P so as mom said : ada hikmah lah tu..mana tau dapat lawyer mahkamah syariah T__T serious ke mama nih??? tsk.

my routine is now pretty much messed up.well knowing that i'm NOT a morning person.and my old routine was like waking up at 830 am and still be in the office by 9.and nowww...ya Allah..i hafta wake up at 6am.and i HAVE to leave the house before 7 so that i will be in the office by 730.and yes,my working hours is, if you see me still eating at 9-930 max,back then in i am rushing my ass to eat at i could get to meeting on time.meetings are like my best friends now (i don't know why am i in this mess) but seriously..i am not fact,i am starting to love it :) so i'm all prepped up by to work at 645.arrived at the office at 730.punched in.breakfast.meetings at 8.and oh!one thing about the culture here is that they have LOADS of meetings! and if there's meeting = there's free food! in fact,for the first 2 weeks of my work..i had been eating only 3 times out off my own kan? ;p bukan best dah..superlove!!

next week's monday got meeting.tuesday is jamuan raya.wednesday is meeting.thursday is meeting.and gosh i hope friday i can like be at least meeting-free ;P its not a boring kind of my office.meetings are like being in the law court.hehe.sebab i'm in charge of esyariah.meaning if there are things to discuss among mahkamah2 syariah negeri about the system.i will have to list the things out to be put into the system.BUT..hehe one thing about working here is..i have a penolong pegawai teknologi maklumat.kira i ni boss kecik lah :P cool tak? so..bila meeting,as u know..each states have different laws for their syariah that's when i am exposed to how the cases should be put into here.and more or less..i kinda get to know what kind of cases are considered as syariah cases.and what our system need to have so that all mahkamah syariah in Malaysia could refer to our esyariah system to speed up the process of the cases.interesting right? ;)

so begitulah pekerjaan saya sekarang :P i am now all baju kurungs 24/7,5 days a now i know what's like being fizz em :P kami sekarang berada di dalam kasut yang sama lah :P well if i am not to update my blog.blame the meetings.but at the same time,awal2 keje ni..banyak benda nak catch nak cepat naik pangkat.kenalah buat kerja bagus2 kan? :P so..keep me posted peeps.i will definitely keep u posted too! have a great weekends.don't eat too much food at open houses ok.hehe.much love xx

p/s: i still can smell lemangs.people are still have gala open for me,i'm slowing down.too many open houses.too much food excess :P

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