Saturday, October 03, 2009

woahhhh!! that was a helluuuvaaaa weeek man!i'm still not in the mood to update but gosh!i am s0oooo exhausted! i wanna tell u how tired i was!every day,without fail,i woke up at 6am.pushed off 645am.mesti!if not i will be my week starts with

tuesday : reporting duty.taklimat bla bla bla..placing = Jabatan Perdana Menteri T__T

wednesday : reporting at JPM.taklimat,briefing.makan.solat.sambung balik briefing til 5pm :(

thursday : taklimat.bla bla bla till 11.makan.1130 brief til 1pm.makan.230 briefing til 5pm

friday : briefing sampai nak muntah.but more to waiting and doing nothing til 1230.rehat til 245?? sumpah sangap.end up i slept from 1245 til 145 :P best giler! waiting for placing under agencies til 5pm!still no place?? sengal giler.waited til 530.dapat under kehakiman syariah,JPM. T__T. fetched bro in bangi.reached home at 730pm!! exhausteddd!!

so basically..on usual days sampai rumah aroun 530pm.if jammed like shit semua arrived aroun 730pm!! (oh that's if i pushed off from putrajaya at 6pm! tsk T__T ) so yeah.i guess i'm gonna hafta get use to 30-45mins drive everyday compared to 8-10mins drive to my old workplace.the drive was not a problem..but the traffic was kinda bullshit.but i tried to rush back by 5pm and alhamdulillah i could reach home before stucking in the LDP hellooo new world! i am thankful but at the same time i hafta acceptlah kan..sampai bila nak kerja dekat ngan rumah je setakat sekangkang kera :P take the challange :) (orang dah lama tak kena duduk or kerja jauh2..camni lah jadinya :D) so i sent my car to service today.risau pulak seminggu drive jauh2 and dah terlajak 3000km milage aritu.sepatutnya kena service last 2months!:P so hope everything will turn out fine :)

and today!i have PTD exam.so0oo exhausted!!woke up at 730am.get ready.and exam was from 9am till 4pm! i am so flatttt this week! i need to start to work out again.i need the stamina :( i need to eat healthy food.i need to stop eating 'happy food'.haha!and today i had the best meal ever!it's mom's birthday.happy 50th birthday ma!<3 we had like sooooo riuh rendah celebration because the cucu was so0o hillarious!they just can't get their hands off the cake! and yes,the cake was squashed!with loads of lubang2 from the cute lil thumbs of theirs :P soooo cute!

the kids just can't get their hands off the cake!!! LOL

so next week is gonna be another long journey to work.dah kena start reporting kat's either i got a table and a place to start my work,OR....i will be campak to somewhere else.and as for now,the best i'm hoping for is to tercampak to jalan duta,(palace of justice).pleaseeee T__T saya tak sanggup drive sorang2 yosh!! i HAVE to go jog tomorrow.5 rounds i hope.slowly but surely.need to shed some kilos.dah tak rasa best macam dulu lah :P so have a great weekends peeps! much love xx

p/s: it's just a quick boring sikit ;) will update more if ada hot stories ok :)

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