Saturday, October 24, 2009

hallooo..i am back from PD.hehe first working trip i guess.well its not a trip but we had a workshop at Avillion Admiral Cove.the place : stupendous!! and i is in love with the view of the boats and yachts! i even get the chance to ride one! but just to see what's inside the luxurious Al-Sakinah boat,owned by MK ;) anyways,the trip was good,the workshop was tiring.but the food was overloaded! well i thought i had really really limited all the food excess..buttt when i came mom said i am i am clueless. :P so,lets not drain u with my diet whatever..oh so boring right?well the weather there was tooo hot to handle!i am now down with fever.tsk T__T but i had a great time ;) just few pictures from the trip :) enjoy!

kapten volleyball.haha!
bbq timee..mulut tengah penuh :P

hello mata kucing ;)

all aboard....

the boat was fun!fun! so was the whole trip.went back to putrajaya on friday and now i'm down with slighhht flu.the weather was too hot in PD and the air conditioend was too cold! i guess the weather sucks big time.well,i hope its just a slight one.i just need to drink loads of ok.hafta get some rest.need to solat now.hope u had a great weekends too! much love xx

p/s: i miss fun blogging :( wait till i am back in track ok ;) see u soon!!xx

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