Monday, October 19, 2009

i am officially fat!haha!my mom said so.nadz said i'm,that makes me fat!seriously..i feel fat :P well blame all the open houses and also the free food after all the meetings in my new workplace tsk T__T so i am left with another 18days before the big day!! i need to start to eat little more dinner perhaps.or maybe no more breakfast too! i don't believe in having breakfast doesnt make u fact if u said that i need my breakfast to work ur body.i think its bullocks! :P

last 2 years of no breakfast (just milo) had made me weight 4 kilos lighter!now i am 4 kilos happier perhaps?? heeee :D maybe this is what people said when u are happy.ur body becomes happy u eat happy food too! well erin! from now more happy food! only loads and loads and loads of water ok! 50 situps every night and 50 pumpings too! ur arms are flabby now! (wow! ni macam cakap ngan peserta the biggest loser jee.. :P haha!) u know...erin is back!!! blabbing on her food and body consciousness ;p dah lama tak bebel pasal kegemukan ku.well i am not 'that' fat.but i can no longer fit my XS baju :( for me..its a sad thing.and yes,for all u girls out there too perhaps.but as u become older..well i mean as ur age added up from year to year..25 is no longer a year for u to wait for another year to start working out.20-25 years of food and non healthy lifestyles have to be stopped ;) i now,need to start my old routine of less sugar,less caffeine and more veggies.maybe i wasn't too harsh on! SO LONG FATTY BOOM BOOM!! i need just another 18days of healthy food and good i will look just fine for my besties' wedding :)

hope u had a healthy food too! its not wrong to be happy..but 4 kilos of happiness can turned into 4 kilos of flabbiness :P have a good off now.much love xx

i miss that skinny face :(

p/s:tak sempat nak beli hula hoop yet.i am just using my imaginary hula hoops for now ;p

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