Friday, October 30, 2009

do u know that communication plays an important role?

that day aa..a friend wants to borrow a car from pd.she wants to go back pj because got meeting.we got one friend who drove a car to PD.but the car manual wan.but then the owner did not even offer the friend,the car.but the friend assumed that the owner will let the friend use the car because she has to go back pj for urgent wann..but the car is the friend was asking if anyone could drive the car so she can go back pj to do her work lah.but then the car is not hers from the very first place.then the owner said kenot borrow.because she scared anything will happen because the friend dunno how to drive manual the friend is pissed off because the owner did not let her use the car.she said so hard to ask for help wan..and she already ask someone to drive the car back to pj what?its not ur car maa..why want to marah wan??so,who should be angry now?

that day aa..i have to send letter to 5 different companies.but the letters was meant for the outsiders.the meeting involves 5 different meaning 5 different i got like list of names who will have to attend all the meetings but i will inform later after sending off the actual letter.i wanted to send in the company's memo and inform who will come on those 5 days.but then aa..the clerk already printed out 5 sets of letters to alllll the people who should come to the now the people weird weird why they have so many letters.but i actually wanted to send a memo where i will make a table on which date they will come so that no need to send many2 letters lor..then the clerk pandai2 send to all now,i am confused myself.was it my fault or the clerk?

and then aa..i was not in the mood to i wanna keep quite and do whatever keeps me busy.i wanted to hang out with just my close friends, A and i told B i wanna just hang out with A and B.then C came to B's workstation and accidentally read my C assumed i dont wanna hang out with C.i was in a bad mood.C was not even in my was i to be blamed for not inviting C to join me? goshhh i am definitely confused now.was it my fault or was it just bull luck? :(

so..tell it so hard to communicate when what u think was not what people predicted.haihhh..what a shitty friday.and tomorrow tak jadi pegi zoo.lagi i dunno what to do on weekends.pathetic boleh? :(

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

esok genap sebulan keje gomen :)
tadi buat 40 set surat.semua salah.kena betulkan balik.

esok first time jadi s.u.kena handle meeting
tadi cuak.satu sebab handle meeting.satu sebab kawan panggil 'sayang'.erk!

esok kena siapkan kertas cadangan.
tadi buat kertas cadangan tungkus lumus sepanjang meeting.semua salah.sia-sia.

esok pakai baju batik
tadi tengok almari.ada dua je baju batik.gile pathetic!

esok dah kamis.gile cepat!
tadi first time rasa tak boleh bernafas.workload menimbun!

esok nak makan ringan2 lagi.
tadi hari ke 3 tak makan nasi untuk lunch.

esok nak siapkan semua pending work.
tadi rasa tangan macam sotong.tapi still tak siap keje.

esok harap hari yang lebih baik.
tadi rasa serabut.semua keje tak menjadi.tapi tak sabar nak tunggu esok :)

harini mungkin hari kita.
esok belum tentu kan?

much love xx

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

hallooo..i am back from PD.hehe first working trip i guess.well its not a trip but we had a workshop at Avillion Admiral Cove.the place : stupendous!! and i is in love with the view of the boats and yachts! i even get the chance to ride one! but just to see what's inside the luxurious Al-Sakinah boat,owned by MK ;) anyways,the trip was good,the workshop was tiring.but the food was overloaded! well i thought i had really really limited all the food excess..buttt when i came mom said i am i am clueless. :P so,lets not drain u with my diet whatever..oh so boring right?well the weather there was tooo hot to handle!i am now down with fever.tsk T__T but i had a great time ;) just few pictures from the trip :) enjoy!

kapten volleyball.haha!
bbq timee..mulut tengah penuh :P

hello mata kucing ;)

all aboard....

the boat was fun!fun! so was the whole trip.went back to putrajaya on friday and now i'm down with slighhht flu.the weather was too hot in PD and the air conditioend was too cold! i guess the weather sucks big time.well,i hope its just a slight one.i just need to drink loads of ok.hafta get some rest.need to solat now.hope u had a great weekends too! much love xx

p/s: i miss fun blogging :( wait till i am back in track ok ;) see u soon!!xx

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

i am here :)

will be back soon ;) much love xx

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Monday, October 19, 2009

i am officially fat!haha!my mom said so.nadz said i'm,that makes me fat!seriously..i feel fat :P well blame all the open houses and also the free food after all the meetings in my new workplace tsk T__T so i am left with another 18days before the big day!! i need to start to eat little more dinner perhaps.or maybe no more breakfast too! i don't believe in having breakfast doesnt make u fact if u said that i need my breakfast to work ur body.i think its bullocks! :P

last 2 years of no breakfast (just milo) had made me weight 4 kilos lighter!now i am 4 kilos happier perhaps?? heeee :D maybe this is what people said when u are happy.ur body becomes happy u eat happy food too! well erin! from now more happy food! only loads and loads and loads of water ok! 50 situps every night and 50 pumpings too! ur arms are flabby now! (wow! ni macam cakap ngan peserta the biggest loser jee.. :P haha!) u know...erin is back!!! blabbing on her food and body consciousness ;p dah lama tak bebel pasal kegemukan ku.well i am not 'that' fat.but i can no longer fit my XS baju :( for me..its a sad thing.and yes,for all u girls out there too perhaps.but as u become older..well i mean as ur age added up from year to year..25 is no longer a year for u to wait for another year to start working out.20-25 years of food and non healthy lifestyles have to be stopped ;) i now,need to start my old routine of less sugar,less caffeine and more veggies.maybe i wasn't too harsh on! SO LONG FATTY BOOM BOOM!! i need just another 18days of healthy food and good i will look just fine for my besties' wedding :)

hope u had a healthy food too! its not wrong to be happy..but 4 kilos of happiness can turned into 4 kilos of flabbiness :P have a good off now.much love xx

i miss that skinny face :(

p/s:tak sempat nak beli hula hoop yet.i am just using my imaginary hula hoops for now ;p

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hello peeps!hows ur day? woww as for me~ i have s0ooo many meetings.suka! tapi penat lah sikit.tapi harini satu hari tak masuk office like duduk depan pc we got jamuan hari raya.ya galore~~~ like crazy wan!! kfc,carrot cheese cake,nasi arab,laksa penang,rendang,lemang,satay,dadih,cakes and loads of many menu that i could not imagine myself eating as usual,yours truly end up not eating any rice today (kang tak muat kain untuk reception my bestfriends wedding camne?? haaa...) so,after the jamuan we hafta clean up some more.very very tiring! then got aku janji sumpah..from 3.30 til 5!so terus balik rumah.

esok got meeting from 9-5! welcome to the world erin :P and so,i shall not bore u with my new job until i keep myself sane and put my head back together.besides having my body clock goes upside down,my appetite was never shut down :P food here is superrrr cheappppp (ni memang aku suka!) i can have breakfast + lunch for only rm7-8! best giler ok.nasi kerabu dia sedap giler like got lauk paru-paru goreng and all.only rm3.50! heavennnnnnnn T__T anyways..i hope i'll not neglect my other halves :) i still owe azz an email.nak hantar email haritu..tapi cerita macam dah basi jee.. :( i just don't have the time to cerita panjang2 yang siap penuh emosi tuuuu..i miss those i need to find a perfect time to write ok azz ;* i will write to u soon azz! xx and i miss talking to nuren.fiza.and lela.lel's in london.bertuah punya budak.last time i checked she was busy berkempen :P the next thing i know i got a text from london..haih.and fizz!! i miss uuuu!! i wanna go back working in we can go lunch every week.but not with the same old company boleh? i wish i'm working in INTAN now :( and i've sent the dress for your reception! and also another 4 baju kurung is on its way ;) haihhh can't wait for the baju kurung to siap! nervoussss!! (gedik gile..semangat hantar jahit baju kurung.sebab wardrobe is about to recycle niiii.susah plak since pakaian ruji is now baju kurung..) and nuwennnnnn..i need uuuuu..please keep me updated and alive :( saya rindu chatto sama kamu and gossip hangat :P hahahah *ish ish..mengucap erinnnn..* :P

well i know i will be superrrr hectic sebab sekarang sudah menjadi boss kena tahu pasal sistem semua, baru boleh nak contribute dalam,wish me luck :) i think two weeks update of my new workplace is enough kuttt :) i shall declare the normal life of erin adnan shall begun! ;) go to sleep sleepy heads.much love xx

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

hey ho! hows it going? alhamdulillah.i am now getting my baby steps one at haa..lama tak update blog.its either no time or too tired.and can you believe it? i am now sleeping at 10pm!! almost every day! :"> well..i am adapting to it though.although there's soo many things to do and so many things to catch goes..

that's my new place u see up there :) its an amazing building although i only have the time to see the sight when i arrived at work.lunch time.and heading home ;p obviously most of the times were just in front of the pc,meetings meetings and endless meetings!sigh.. but i think i am slowly getting used to it.oh did i mention? i am now an IT officer in Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah.sounds cheesy ey?lol.but alhamdulillah.i am all grateful as long as i won't be sent off to another states.mati kutu kuttttt... :P so far the work was to handle nak tanya ape2 pasal mahkamah syariah nanti..silalah tanya saya.he he..and note : CAN NOT USE HARSH WORDS in the all! because u will end up looking like an idiot.and the F word is no longer a cool word to use.(boring kan?eh takleh2..baguslah camtu :P) but so far..ehem2..the ba alif ba ya word pun i dah tak guna :P so as mom said : ada hikmah lah tu..mana tau dapat lawyer mahkamah syariah T__T serious ke mama nih??? tsk.

my routine is now pretty much messed up.well knowing that i'm NOT a morning person.and my old routine was like waking up at 830 am and still be in the office by 9.and nowww...ya Allah..i hafta wake up at 6am.and i HAVE to leave the house before 7 so that i will be in the office by 730.and yes,my working hours is, if you see me still eating at 9-930 max,back then in i am rushing my ass to eat at i could get to meeting on time.meetings are like my best friends now (i don't know why am i in this mess) but seriously..i am not fact,i am starting to love it :) so i'm all prepped up by to work at 645.arrived at the office at 730.punched in.breakfast.meetings at 8.and oh!one thing about the culture here is that they have LOADS of meetings! and if there's meeting = there's free food! in fact,for the first 2 weeks of my work..i had been eating only 3 times out off my own kan? ;p bukan best dah..superlove!!

next week's monday got meeting.tuesday is jamuan raya.wednesday is meeting.thursday is meeting.and gosh i hope friday i can like be at least meeting-free ;P its not a boring kind of my office.meetings are like being in the law court.hehe.sebab i'm in charge of esyariah.meaning if there are things to discuss among mahkamah2 syariah negeri about the system.i will have to list the things out to be put into the system.BUT..hehe one thing about working here is..i have a penolong pegawai teknologi maklumat.kira i ni boss kecik lah :P cool tak? so..bila meeting,as u know..each states have different laws for their syariah that's when i am exposed to how the cases should be put into here.and more or less..i kinda get to know what kind of cases are considered as syariah cases.and what our system need to have so that all mahkamah syariah in Malaysia could refer to our esyariah system to speed up the process of the cases.interesting right? ;)

so begitulah pekerjaan saya sekarang :P i am now all baju kurungs 24/7,5 days a now i know what's like being fizz em :P kami sekarang berada di dalam kasut yang sama lah :P well if i am not to update my blog.blame the meetings.but at the same time,awal2 keje ni..banyak benda nak catch nak cepat naik pangkat.kenalah buat kerja bagus2 kan? :P so..keep me posted peeps.i will definitely keep u posted too! have a great weekends.don't eat too much food at open houses ok.hehe.much love xx

p/s: i still can smell lemangs.people are still have gala open for me,i'm slowing down.too many open houses.too much food excess :P

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Monday, October 05, 2009

i am realllyy moody lately.well definitely i am confused with my hormones not that i'm pregnant or anything but it keeps me like so over-ratedly happy and bubbly at one point and the worst person u would want to be around at the other.i'm like incredible hulk T__T definitely i will blame the stressful bangun pukul 6 pagi mata terkulat,tangan tarik selimut,alarm tekan snooze.and kena kuar dari umah before 7 so that reach ofis by 730!huh pekerja cemerlang.balik2 pukul 5 dah kena lari cepat2 sebab LDP sangat jammed 530 tell me? stress tak? :P

i'm like easily irritated when dad was asking too much lately.not just him lah.abang ke..mama adik ke..(since i started working in putrajaya of cos) whenever i was sitting quitely in front of the tv doing nothing they'll go "penat erin...?" and if i was just sitting and lazing around keeping my thoughts to myself..they'll ask "kenapa..? penat ke..?" and the worst part was that when i brushed my teeth and washed my face!!! nak basuh muka pun taleh ke?? my dad will ask "nak tido dah...?" lahhh..nak gosok gigi pun takleh ke?? ARGHHHHHHH!!!! semua benda nak tanya!!! even i was up to work "dah nak pegi dah?" "bawak kete elok2..jangan bawak laju2" if i was a little bit 5 freaking minutes..they'll said "pukul berapa nak pegi nih??dah lambat!!" OMFG!!! semua benda is like i KENOT do on my own they rather dressed me up to work.send me on time.brush my teeth when i want to sleep and i can't even duduk diam2 rehat without any of them asking sooo many questions!agak tensi >:(

ok maybe i was over reacted.but seriously.if the questions were like 4 times a day.and 7 times a week.don't u think its too much?!! come on~~~ cut me some slacks!yes,i'm tired.and no,i am not sleeping yet until i want to.just because i brush my teeth doesnt mean i'm going straight to bed.goossshh!!! give me some roooommmm and not just nag and nag and nag and nag.ok let me try to think of it as a positive thing.they might just want to be supportive.and they were worried that u hafta to drive that far with 'your' speed limit.they were hoping ur not gonna crashed into some other cars. or maybe they don't want you to rush to work.just keeping the right pace.maybe they are trying to ask you how was your day..instead of being sarcastic asking if u're tired although its definitely obvious that ur like lying flat right on ur face right now.

oh well.tak kisahlah hari hari pun kena tebalkan telinga.bebalkan muka cakap "taklah!mana ada penat.." papa nak tanya sejuta kali pun takpe.sebab i know u lap me.and i lap u even mooooooooreeeeeeeee :):):)

ok.esok buat lagi eh pa? :P sebab esok nak duit isi minyak.teeheeee :D

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

woahhhh!! that was a helluuuvaaaa weeek man!i'm still not in the mood to update but gosh!i am s0oooo exhausted! i wanna tell u how tired i was!every day,without fail,i woke up at 6am.pushed off 645am.mesti!if not i will be my week starts with

tuesday : reporting duty.taklimat bla bla bla..placing = Jabatan Perdana Menteri T__T

wednesday : reporting at JPM.taklimat,briefing.makan.solat.sambung balik briefing til 5pm :(

thursday : taklimat.bla bla bla till 11.makan.1130 brief til 1pm.makan.230 briefing til 5pm

friday : briefing sampai nak muntah.but more to waiting and doing nothing til 1230.rehat til 245?? sumpah sangap.end up i slept from 1245 til 145 :P best giler! waiting for placing under agencies til 5pm!still no place?? sengal giler.waited til 530.dapat under kehakiman syariah,JPM. T__T. fetched bro in bangi.reached home at 730pm!! exhausteddd!!

so basically..on usual days sampai rumah aroun 530pm.if jammed like shit semua arrived aroun 730pm!! (oh that's if i pushed off from putrajaya at 6pm! tsk T__T ) so yeah.i guess i'm gonna hafta get use to 30-45mins drive everyday compared to 8-10mins drive to my old workplace.the drive was not a problem..but the traffic was kinda bullshit.but i tried to rush back by 5pm and alhamdulillah i could reach home before stucking in the LDP hellooo new world! i am thankful but at the same time i hafta acceptlah kan..sampai bila nak kerja dekat ngan rumah je setakat sekangkang kera :P take the challange :) (orang dah lama tak kena duduk or kerja jauh2..camni lah jadinya :D) so i sent my car to service today.risau pulak seminggu drive jauh2 and dah terlajak 3000km milage aritu.sepatutnya kena service last 2months!:P so hope everything will turn out fine :)

and today!i have PTD exam.so0oo exhausted!!woke up at 730am.get ready.and exam was from 9am till 4pm! i am so flatttt this week! i need to start to work out again.i need the stamina :( i need to eat healthy food.i need to stop eating 'happy food'.haha!and today i had the best meal ever!it's mom's birthday.happy 50th birthday ma!<3 we had like sooooo riuh rendah celebration because the cucu was so0o hillarious!they just can't get their hands off the cake! and yes,the cake was squashed!with loads of lubang2 from the cute lil thumbs of theirs :P soooo cute!

the kids just can't get their hands off the cake!!! LOL

so next week is gonna be another long journey to work.dah kena start reporting kat's either i got a table and a place to start my work,OR....i will be campak to somewhere else.and as for now,the best i'm hoping for is to tercampak to jalan duta,(palace of justice).pleaseeee T__T saya tak sanggup drive sorang2 yosh!! i HAVE to go jog tomorrow.5 rounds i hope.slowly but surely.need to shed some kilos.dah tak rasa best macam dulu lah :P so have a great weekends peeps! much love xx

p/s: it's just a quick boring sikit ;) will update more if ada hot stories ok :)

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