Tuesday, September 08, 2009

penatnya.masuk office.check email like 270 emails!reviews.make lines.figure answers.figure issues.figures solutions.jot down.9months ago's issues must remember what happened.what we did to overcome.giler okei!otak i rasa cam dead cells jeee :D:D now buat slides.hafta done by friday.shait.i know.done one part.got 3 parts more.back ached.black circles.like panda eyes.more like zombie's.maybe she wolf.haha!packed packed packed.so many things to do.but so little time left!

friday buka puasa with besties.lilo.fizzo.and dr tushila.saturday with old skoo mate.maybe aysha + hubby,dar,fitri and zaimi.maybe just dar.either way.sesi catch up.sunday with canaz + hubby and dell.mayb canaz and hubby.monday present.buka puasa with nonon.maybe farihan too.burger king.one last one.together2.leaving on thursday.tuesday stayed back for rollout new enhancements.hope team mates nak belanja.haha!perasan.wednesday buka puasa one last time with officemates.geng2 gossip folks malay.there's only 9 of us anyways.nope.they have no idea i'm leaving.so BIG NEWS for them on weds.suprise!suprise!thurdays buka puasa with canaz + hubby (maybe).friday balik kampung.FREEDOM! so long s**kers!

so now,what?tido lorh..nite peeps!much love xx

p.s:where is saru man?sila balik ke pangkal jalan.u owe me all year long phonecalls.remember?

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