Tuesday, September 08, 2009

halo.i'm stoked man!glad everything's over.met my big boss and hand in the letter.can't sleep the night earlier.cramped feet.body ached everywhere.nervous breakdown.konon nak tido pukul 11.end up restless till 12am.couldnt remember when did i actually fell asleep.woke up early to work.fill up the tank and sempat isi angin tayar hokey!giler nervous!reached office 20mins before time.*tarik nafas* ketuk pintu.pokpekpokpek.they were shocked.2 weeks notice. T_T no choice.i could hear my heartbeat.one pace away from exploding.1hour later.released!i am released!!i am finally done!a new leaf to turn!happy happy happy!

second day puasa.i'm like prickhead mana tak tahan puasa.second day already like pening kepala teruk giler.end up bad headache and slept in at 9pm.woke up 12am.mom suruh tutup lampu.damn.kepala still pening.angin satu badan.i hope it gets better.another 2weeks to go.well another 11days to be precise.hope all is well.well,this week totally a goner.no hangouts no berbuka puasa.but promised fizz to berbuka together!i hope sempat.need to get the handover items done by friday.busy busy busy.i owe kak alysha and dar one berbuka too!oh and dey also.if sempat.

bought dvds like so many.but watched it in 2 days.weekends of cos.lol.so much of a movie goer ;) kite runner is the best,man!i could watch it over and over again.i wanna watch gijoe.yes shit.tak tengok lagi.FD pun belom.tak sempat!!!! but wanna watch FD and orphan at cinema lah.baru best!;) oh well.so many things to do but so little time :) hows ur day? 18th ramadhan.can you believe it? i miss my munchkins.i hope he won't forget me..

have a nice day.blessed Ramadhan too perhaps ;) much love xx

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