Thursday, September 10, 2009

finally!i've found the solution to nicely shaped waist and flatty tummy!well besides doing 50situps every night T_T (i've neglected for 3weeks i've missed 350situps?!adoiii) well i guess i know what i'm supposed to do after raya ;)

i'm gonna buy a hula hoop!! yes!

i've always wanted to have one.everytime i go to the Toys R us.i will look at those shiny hulas!haihh no wonder la hor..those Hawaiians ladies have such nice waist.teheee :D (imagining the patung goyang2 people put on their dashboard ;)) auww!later my pinggang like that wan hor! :B noiceee..

today is like gosssh!!! this is like 3 hours break since 9am today.i was typing and typing and typing and typing!gosh!!even at 6pm!(i was supposed to go back at 5pm) i was still typing and i still got like a ll0oooonnngggg lists of things to type.huh.if my fingers were to cry..sure dah terhenjut2 jari ni duk menangis.tak larattttttt!!! dia jerit :P but its ok..once i am done with tomorrow.i am counting days baby!!!! 7 days to date.subhanAllah...cepatnya masa berlalu.tak sempat nak pikir pasal raya pun!i've bought kasut raya like 3 weeks ago!tak sempat nak cite.kasut tu sangat hawt okeii! (aku je yang perasan :P) and then i bought like baju raya and like kuih raya.all tak sempat nak cite!!well next week dah nak raya well tomorrow, my buka puasa session shall begin!!

friday : fizz,lilo,dr shila and nuwen!;) @ penyet
saturday : dr house @ tatau lagi :D
sunday : canaz,dell and aysha @ santai
monday : han,nonon and siti @ burger king
tuesday : berbuka depan pc (T_T) @office . SIT.
wednesday : officemates @kgpa
thursday : family!!
friday : nenek and atuk @ KAMPUNG!!!!(^0^)/

so,amacam?jealous tak?hehehe..oh well,at least i'm trying to look at the brighter side at the moment although i am so0o 'not enough hands' to get all my task done by..TOMORROW!wish me lupa plak~ lets hula!!!! :D have a hullava weekends peeps! much love xx

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