Thursday, August 27, 2009

haha just finished chatting with zaza.i was telling her i'm feeling warm today and she said.."oh is that good or bad?" lawak je.i lupa dia kan bukan kat dia tidak faham istilah suam2 badan kalau dienglishkan jadi "warm".haha.itu istilah saya lah.tsk :P so yea,i am feeling abit warm as in badan suam2.but i am my head's fine,my throats' flu or selsema tsk i told my was worried that my body was a bit warm and since two of my sibs was quarantined (not that serious.lil bro's perfectly healthy now.big sis was prolly not well because she had cough for quite sometimes now).so mom asked me to go to the hospital.haiyyooo please scarrryyyy okeiii..the scene is very2 like gosh!can i actually breathe in our air nowadays?? so lucky me,put on the met the doctor.alhamdulillah..she said i am 'perfectly healthy'.but need to check my body temperature from time to time.just in case it shoots up to 38.(T_T) please dear God,protect all of us.

so arini tidooooo jeee..sampai pukul 6 :'( but tak makan ubat pun.just sleep.maybe my body temp will go down.but still..tak terasa punn..kenapa ada suam2 lagiii (T__T) hmmm..anyhowwww,i received this.again.

had been receiving their emails asking me to get my visa done etc.sangat sedih sebab tsk tsk (T_T) i may not be able to join York this year.because i could not get the funding.altho i have received the unconditional offer.but this year may not be my year.please pray for me next year.their emails made me wanna cryyyyyyy.(eh tak2..tak nangis pun..cuma sedih jelah..:P) haihhh life is s0oo hard when u wanna plan things but it just doesn't go ur way,kan?:( takpelah..ada rezeki.adalah tu next year..insyaAllah.

so,ape makan harini?sudah kenyang? :) saya wanna go to sleep.nite2..dah seminggu berpuasa :) bagus kan? much love xx

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