Thursday, August 06, 2009

sorry people.i had been neglecting my blog lately.yep.hectic weekends and week :P plus,no laptop can be s0ooo stressful.but lets hope vaio is on it's way ;) i just called azz.and insyaAllah i'm on my way to kelantan tonight.balik kampung sekali since azz's house is like 10-20mins away from granny's.miss lela is M.I.A.i bet she's on her way back to malaysia and i really really hope i'll meet her tomorrow.i'm still stoked from last week's events.too many things to blog.alia's wedding pun tak sempat.toooooo many pictures toooo little time.lenka was amazing as mentioned and weddings make me sappy and oprah makes me cry!haha (ok takde kaitan) so,am off tonight.have a pleasant weekends everyone.

(ok.lenka's picture is always gonna be aroun.still stoke from meeting her like depan mata!hehe) oh and tomorrow is my future determination people (PTM result's out) pray for me friends.i know u always will.take care.much love xx

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