Saturday, August 08, 2009

finally!azz's final reception.for me :P azz still have one last reception today.i bet she's tired as hell!:P heard that the reception's gonna be til 12am! (that's what i heard on the radio on my way back from KB.yes.azz's wedding siap masuk radio kelantan okeiii :P) the reception was ggggrrrrannddd!!liplap2 i tell the time i am s0o i only took few pictures.

went to KB with dayana + akmal and dewi.playing tour guide ;) although for only 4 hours.i had a great time.tengok derang beriye shopping and makan makanan kelantan.hehe.

well,its my last day in kelantan off back to KL tomorrow.had a great time here.and alhamdulillah..the PTM's results? *almost there* ;) he he.and so is vaio?;p ok peeps.have a great weekends!much love xx

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