Friday, August 28, 2009

it's her 25th birthday!! we're supposed to meet today and have bubba gump for berbuka puasa.but adie's car brokedown :( but its ok..we will meet soon ok!thank you for being my secret keeper my ears my hidung my mata.haha.and my everyday happy pills.thank you for chatting for 5 hours with me on weekends when u were in Japan.thank you for keeping me busy at office multitasking while gossiping with you everyday!thank you for making our incredible trip happeninggg!!! (well note : malacca was the best of cos!;) ) and thank you for always being there for me!you are my kokoro too!!! so here's for you! although i was planning to give to u when we meet later.but unfortunately,this cake has to wait.but anywayss..


you're a quarter of century now ;) lets grow old together and laugh back at all those crazy moments we had.(no,i'm not gonna marry you lah!:P don't worry!haha)

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