Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1) the pink thing i'm using now
2) my favorite girls make me laugh
3) simple hello from u!:)
4) looking at the sun and remembering him
5) amazing trips with great people
6) sweet photos of us taken by nuren
7) a sweet promise which i will wait
8) the smile on the face through webcam ;p
9) a reason to smile the whole day
10)the sight of blooming sakura..shiawase naaa

and i want this 10 list of things to be share by nuwen,kaem,nadz,dey ku,ayun,mummy arisa,denise,mummy humaira,future mummy ecah :P and also missy alysha,if u're reading this :) and you know what?to whoever feeling like to share their 10 list of happy things :)

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