Monday, August 03, 2009

azz's now PUAN AZZ :) all i can say is that.we are all tired from the amazing receptions.i have hundreds of pictures to upload.i wanna blog all about it.but i am still lap topless :P so i'm just gonna give u a sneak peek from the 4 amazing receptions.khatam quran,nikah,PGH's reception and amir's house.i had a great time.great's the sneeeakky peekkyy and the rest of the pictures are all uploaded in fb.

khatam Quran

PGH reception
TTDI's reception

i got a free VIP tix to LENKA too!she was amayyyyyzinggg!! i so heart lenka!and i love the rebel like superrrloveee!!shot amazing pictures too! <3

this is for you,dey ;)

i hope u had a great weekends peeps!esok keje *sigh* much love xx

p/s:dey,cepat pulang (T___T)

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