Friday, August 28, 2009

it's her 25th birthday!! we're supposed to meet today and have bubba gump for berbuka puasa.but adie's car brokedown :( but its ok..we will meet soon ok!thank you for being my secret keeper my ears my hidung my mata.haha.and my everyday happy pills.thank you for chatting for 5 hours with me on weekends when u were in Japan.thank you for keeping me busy at office multitasking while gossiping with you everyday!thank you for making our incredible trip happeninggg!!! (well note : malacca was the best of cos!;) ) and thank you for always being there for me!you are my kokoro too!!! so here's for you! although i was planning to give to u when we meet later.but unfortunately,this cake has to wait.but anywayss..


you're a quarter of century now ;) lets grow old together and laugh back at all those crazy moments we had.(no,i'm not gonna marry you lah!:P don't worry!haha)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

haha just finished chatting with zaza.i was telling her i'm feeling warm today and she said.."oh is that good or bad?" lawak je.i lupa dia kan bukan kat dia tidak faham istilah suam2 badan kalau dienglishkan jadi "warm".haha.itu istilah saya lah.tsk :P so yea,i am feeling abit warm as in badan suam2.but i am my head's fine,my throats' flu or selsema tsk i told my was worried that my body was a bit warm and since two of my sibs was quarantined (not that serious.lil bro's perfectly healthy now.big sis was prolly not well because she had cough for quite sometimes now).so mom asked me to go to the hospital.haiyyooo please scarrryyyy okeiii..the scene is very2 like gosh!can i actually breathe in our air nowadays?? so lucky me,put on the met the doctor.alhamdulillah..she said i am 'perfectly healthy'.but need to check my body temperature from time to time.just in case it shoots up to 38.(T_T) please dear God,protect all of us.

so arini tidooooo jeee..sampai pukul 6 :'( but tak makan ubat pun.just sleep.maybe my body temp will go down.but still..tak terasa punn..kenapa ada suam2 lagiii (T__T) hmmm..anyhowwww,i received this.again.

had been receiving their emails asking me to get my visa done etc.sangat sedih sebab tsk tsk (T_T) i may not be able to join York this year.because i could not get the funding.altho i have received the unconditional offer.but this year may not be my year.please pray for me next year.their emails made me wanna cryyyyyyy.(eh tak2..tak nangis pun..cuma sedih jelah..:P) haihhh life is s0oo hard when u wanna plan things but it just doesn't go ur way,kan?:( takpelah..ada rezeki.adalah tu next year..insyaAllah.

so,ape makan harini?sudah kenyang? :) saya wanna go to sleep.nite2..dah seminggu berpuasa :) bagus kan? much love xx

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had an amazing buka puasa at the Armada Hotel yesterday.sorry no pictures were taken but i curik from farihan.since my hp battery was 'kong' and i don't want to end up looking too eager eating all those delicious dishes (ceh!!:P) but we had like s0ooo banyak wehhhhh!!tapi alhamdulillah tak membazir sangat.because the three of us decided to share with the whole table.(boss besar pun siap ambilkan sup tulang bagi kitorang makan kitorang plak nak tamak makan bertiga.dahlah dia bayar :P)

our food.hoh.tengok tu,tamak tempura calamari salad semua nak sental!(T_T)
so ini adalah muka kekenyangan kami.haihhh can u imagine what we ate?jap tarik nafas.insaf (T_T) lepaskan.huh! we had kambing,nasi beriyani,daging dendeng,ayam masak merah,calamari tempura,veggie tempura,ada char kuey teow tapi tak ambik,ada roti canai pun tak ambik,(meja dah penuh separuh,lauk untuk 3 orang :P) and then we had satay,mussels,salad superlove!,sushi,kapa maki,otak2,ok here goes dessert,chocolate cake tiga jenis : moist,sponge and dark choc,very yummmy one! (T_T) and tiramisu cake,cheese tart!,choc bread pudding,goreng pisang,kuih cara,adoih dah semput dah.ouh then we had ice cream!mula2 tamak nak makan sorang 3 scoop.sekali satu scoop sorang pun dah tak larat.HAHAHA.setannnn setannn!! :') but each menu we took only one portion lah.takde nak sental 10 biji sorang!pengsan kut! hahaa..thanks mr.leong.we love you! :") (eceh asal makan free je we love u.asal keje je we hate

so balik rumah,kekenyangan and tido lena sampai bangun sahur terus nak blogging :D:D well alhamdulillah,everybody knows that its already the 6th day.and as soon as merdeka emerge, dah lagi 20 hari tinggal.cepat kan?pejam celik pejam pejam celik balik! (sebab kat office semua muka macam nak tido.haha) so untuk mengelakkan mengantuk.mainlah ini :P

haaa...the best game lah!!saya sedang memupuk2 pekerja restaurant supaya tenaga sentiasa 100 % untuk menjalankan pekerjaan mereka (eceh!) tengok muka saya,punya cun!mata ala2 kuyu.baju nak pink aja (kata chef!) siap ada pakai rabbit's ears tau.comel kan?:P meja restaurant pun dah tambah supaya customer datang duduk pastu tak sabar sebab pekerja buat keje lembap nak serve derang :') padahal derang yang tak sabar.baru masuk 3 saat dah keluar balik.penat tau cari ingredients siap nak buat pumpkin pie lah,lobster semua kasi makanan semua sedap.huh! (semangat tak??) so,anda bosan?mengantuk di tempat kerja? haa..bertukar lah kepada celcom :P eh,haha salah.gunakanlah facebook.korang main game sampai lebam (elehh macam tak tahu..asal online je tengok semua pun duk main farmville.ape kelas!:P) so jadi macam saya,pegi keje.tak mengantuk ;) eh tapi keje mesti jalan ok.ini khidmat nasihat dari pro multitasker je.hanya i dan alia je boleh buat.kan lia?hahaha..ok.nak sambung tido.another two hours to work.have a great day!esok jumaat!cepat kan? ;) much love xx

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Monday, August 24, 2009

what makes u happy? :)

a sweet gift from my darling nigela :P
p.s i love you
a great blue sky superlove
just three funny monkeys ;)
nutrageous over jatuh chenta (T_T)
the bright sun :)
and her "kiss me" look.gerammmm!!

best kan?happy thoughts :) 3rd day of Ramadhan.everything seems great :) how's urs? tomorrow is payday!yeay!have a blessful day.much love xx

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

gonna do some window shopping then ;P have a great weekend and selamat menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak :) much love xx

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1) the pink thing i'm using now
2) my favorite girls make me laugh
3) simple hello from u!:)
4) looking at the sun and remembering him
5) amazing trips with great people
6) sweet photos of us taken by nuren
7) a sweet promise which i will wait
8) the smile on the face through webcam ;p
9) a reason to smile the whole day
10)the sight of blooming sakura..shiawase naaa

and i want this 10 list of things to be share by nuwen,kaem,nadz,dey ku,ayun,mummy arisa,denise,mummy humaira,future mummy ecah :P and also missy alysha,if u're reading this :) and you know what?to whoever feeling like to share their 10 list of happy things :)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

some things just make me happy :) have a great weekends.another week till Ramadhan.may Allah bless all of u.much love xx

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

auw this guy is hawt!!haha.although right now i'm sleepy and tired.nak jugak blog pasal dia.haha.been watching hugo ads because of this cute jrm ok :P

dahlah accent sedap!teheeeee (+___-) and this video is sooo hawttt kan?? lol.ok.nak tired.takde lappy pun blogging jugak.excited nih.haha.something pink is coming soon.tsk (T__T) sila tonton jrm.mimpi indah peeps!much love xx

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

underneath the moon, underneath the stars
heres a little heart for you
up above the world, up above it all
heres a hand to hold on to

but if i should break, if i should fall away
what am i to do?
i need someone to take, a little of the weight
or ill fall through

you're just the one that i've been waiting for
i'll give you all that i have to give and more
but don't let me fall

take a little time, walk a little line
got the balance right
give a little love, gimme just enough
so that i can hang on tight

we will be alright, ill be by your side
i wont let you down
but i gotta know, no matter how things go
that you will be around

who can NOT love LENKA?she composed amazing songs.her voice's adorable and she's a pleasant person too!comel giler in now i'm currently addicted to 'don't let me fall'.music comel.lyrics yang cute.(ape beza cute and comel?? :P) i'm easily smitten by far,i'm madliest in love with jason mraz of course.listening to his song almost every day.reading his blog makes me feel ALIVE.seriously...he is a very inspiring person and he's what you are in ur daily life.he's just like one of he relates his life with music,people,family,friends,fans or even strangers and the weather too!he is an awesome musicians.he took great photos.i love how he puts his minds and thoughts into the photos he took :) he travels ALOT too! like HELL AALLLOTTT! (lagi aku jatuh chenta!) like a year he needs to change or renew his passport twice ok!he has amazing voice,handsome too! :P well not as handsome as johnny depp or brad pitt lah kan..or even tom cruise.but charming in his soothing voice.and awesome ways ;p and i think HE defines himself as a work of art.sensitive.good sense of for homeless and needy people.he cares for the world and humanity.and pretty romantic at times too :P most of the time..he's just crazy,witty,cocky,funny and amazing :) i wish he reads aih puji giler babeng kasi hidung kembang pakcik jason je! (-__- ")

whatever it is..pakcik jason mengingatkan saya kepada seseorang (T__T) don't you?

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

finally!azz's final reception.for me :P azz still have one last reception today.i bet she's tired as hell!:P heard that the reception's gonna be til 12am! (that's what i heard on the radio on my way back from KB.yes.azz's wedding siap masuk radio kelantan okeiii :P) the reception was ggggrrrrannddd!!liplap2 i tell the time i am s0o i only took few pictures.

went to KB with dayana + akmal and dewi.playing tour guide ;) although for only 4 hours.i had a great time.tengok derang beriye shopping and makan makanan kelantan.hehe.

well,its my last day in kelantan off back to KL tomorrow.had a great time here.and alhamdulillah..the PTM's results? *almost there* ;) he he.and so is vaio?;p ok peeps.have a great weekends!much love xx

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

sorry people.i had been neglecting my blog lately.yep.hectic weekends and week :P plus,no laptop can be s0ooo stressful.but lets hope vaio is on it's way ;) i just called azz.and insyaAllah i'm on my way to kelantan tonight.balik kampung sekali since azz's house is like 10-20mins away from granny's.miss lela is M.I.A.i bet she's on her way back to malaysia and i really really hope i'll meet her tomorrow.i'm still stoked from last week's events.too many things to blog.alia's wedding pun tak sempat.toooooo many pictures toooo little time.lenka was amazing as mentioned and weddings make me sappy and oprah makes me cry!haha (ok takde kaitan) so,am off tonight.have a pleasant weekends everyone.

(ok.lenka's picture is always gonna be aroun.still stoke from meeting her like depan mata!hehe) oh and tomorrow is my future determination people (PTM result's out) pray for me friends.i know u always will.take care.much love xx

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Monday, August 03, 2009

azz's now PUAN AZZ :) all i can say is that.we are all tired from the amazing receptions.i have hundreds of pictures to upload.i wanna blog all about it.but i am still lap topless :P so i'm just gonna give u a sneak peek from the 4 amazing receptions.khatam quran,nikah,PGH's reception and amir's house.i had a great time.great's the sneeeakky peekkyy and the rest of the pictures are all uploaded in fb.

khatam Quran

PGH reception
TTDI's reception

i got a free VIP tix to LENKA too!she was amayyyyyzinggg!! i so heart lenka!and i love the rebel like superrrloveee!!shot amazing pictures too! <3

this is for you,dey ;)

i hope u had a great weekends peeps!esok keje *sigh* much love xx

p/s:dey,cepat pulang (T___T)

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