Saturday, July 11, 2009

i just got back from watching Public Enemies.johnny depp memang taiko lahhhh..a must see movie.if u like stories like american gangster and godfather ;) it's 3 am and i can't sleep again.anyways,i'm a very very very happy person VERRYYYYY VERYYY..i still have two huge cupcakes and two donuts from my birthday.i dunno how to say this but hugs kisses and loads and loads of loves to all that had made my 25th birthday the best ever!in my whole life! :) it made me realized about all the people i really care :) and i really appreciate all the love they've wishes.long distance call : azz,zaza,kaem,monkey! and gosh god knows how much i really appreciated all the suprise cakes + cupcakes.birthday treats.amazing birthday trip to bandung.i feel loved <3 thank you very much!

well its gonna be a l0onnggg entry as this year's birthday was like s0oo many amazing things had happened.i feel blessed.THANK YOU, ALL OF here goes :)

my first birthday call was by karimah!thanksss..although TERadvanced but the thought that counts :)

then azz very very looongg gossip.i love you azz! <3 and yes.we hope everything will work out for me,and AZZ!!i sempat hantar kain i baru beli in bandung to the tailor on monday!!harap2 sempat siap and fitting by 27th at least! (semangat tau!i have 3 sets of baju for ur wedding!) but since u asked me to go to kelantan.i am out of dresses!!

birthday morning,i was awaken by chunkie's call early before work.i was still sleeping in bed and she sang me happy birthday song.i love wake up call!:) thanks schweettt.. (^3^)

then I had zaza calling me at work,all the way from canberra.thanks za!:) so nice of you to call after your stressful exam..hehe..

dey ku!thanks for the lovely entry for my birthday..i always love that picture u comel kan us? :P i will always smile until i have no u!!:D

then fizz called me at work and she + fiancee belanja me birthday treat at curve for lunch.super yummyyy resepi rahsia :-B

then at night,dear old school friends from ttdi up with sofia + ayun.we had dinner at thai express.never been there and its superr yummyyy.we had green curry.
and sofia had tom yam noodle.then ayun gave me these lovely cupcakes!!i was close to tears!thanks ayun for the cupcakes!ya Allah sumpah sweetness overload!! bestttt and terharu babe!!

and later on,feena called to be the last to wish me on my birthday.kira penutup lah ni..hehe..and she said she'll treat me when i get back from bandung.woww!! more to come??

and the next day i was off to bandung earlllyyyy in the morning.the trip was aweeeesommeeee..the best shopping trip EVERRR!!we shopped like from 8-9pm every day!kaki semua sakit2.despite the walk and kena tipu angkut semua..the shopping part was the best!!well i guess because i have my own cash to buy whatever i want.and dad and lil bro gave me extra shopping yeahh..i was spoiled!shopping is definitely a therapy,huh? :D:D the 4 days trip was s0oo exhausting but yet..the greatest trip ever! :) and i came back with loads of goodies and reached home,CONTENT.

tired and happy from the trip,i saw a parcel on the table when i reached home.all the way from canada :) received a lovely pashmina and postcards from monkey!thanksss paul!i <3 it :) and the next day he called to wish me happy birthday!manis kan?he he..

and on sunday night,i had birthday dinner with finny.she treat me scrumplicious food in delicious :) we had mama's beef bolognese (my favourite) and feena order something fish noodle :P tasted like soup ikan.hehe.and then of course frorsty lemon tea :):) then we had banana pudding for has caramel sauce and super yummy vanilla with it.i've never tasted such yummy banana pudding.haihh..i'm in loveeee :))

then she came today at my office and gave me a birthday present too!just what i was looking for! a new purse :)

done with sweetness overload? more to come.. ;)

then on tuesday lovely lava lava treated me bubba gump for my birthday.serioussss sedappp..we both never had bubba gump before.and turned out ,the food was superrrbbbb!! and i had this awesome drinks called alabama sweet smoothie.its a peanut butter and chocolate with a non fat vanilla frozen yoghurt.gosh!sumpah sedappppp!! (T__T) the word to describe this drink is 'terharu'.macam nak nangis ok minum tu..shedaaapppppp!!huhu..thanks lava!! i lovva lovva u! :) and the food!sila drool~

yummy nachoss with amazing dippings
sweet lava :) 16 years and still counting x
the yummy baramundi fish
jenny's favourite..but not really lava's ;P
and the famous sweet alabama smoothies.on the left (T__T)

and on wednesday! (i hope this is the last.if there's more to come..saya sedia menadah tangan :D ) i had TGI boss treat us lunch,since the enhancement which i was pissing about and all stressed out tahap nak bakar ofis semua has made it to rollout = we ate like all these cheeseyyyy food!like mac and cheese,ciken cheese i dunno what,then the chicken salad again.
like gosh!and then i had strawberry suprise which suprisingly tasted so yummehhh!!i am BLESSED :):) please stop feeding me! i feel so0oo fat right now.

i am s0ooo gonna do 100 crunches a day so that this flabby tummy become flatty again :D but today is jana's wedding!nasi minyak plak..(T__T) anyhow..i am very very blessed and loved.there's nothing else i can say.hontoni arigato gozaimashita minna san!shiawase na zuutooooooo <3 much love xx

P/S: happy birthday u always ;) xx

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