Sunday, July 26, 2009

what a weekend!two days off are not enough i shall say.been busy buying stuffs and being creative is all i need.wait till the day come *wink*wink* i will definitely update you on that.anyways,went to nilai springs yesterday for kak mega's bridal was reallllyyy sweet and simple!i love the balloons.despite sitting in the estima full with 50 heliums balloon.i survived!:P the family were funny!we had a great time with dear makciks and neneks i supposed.dancing around being goofy.but cute!i had a great time.and great food too!wish dey was there too :( cepat balik deyku!! (T__T)

hello najwa :)

ok.that's all.untuk tatapan dey :) have a good night peeps.esok isnin.can't wait selasa.much love xx

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