Saturday, July 18, 2009

you know where i would like to be right now?


well its not because i've been's just i love the name and inside would be my very own adventure.haha.despite the movie was a weee bit slow.kirsten stewart looked pretty disturbed in this movie.but i loved the guy,James.very decent,smart,funny and totally honest..that kind of guy make girls wanna be with him.although he's a bit nerdy from the curls tho :P

well,inside MY adventure land will be places i've been and all the adventures i've been through.all the places i've been..let it be singapore,england,indonesia,saudi arabia,japan to name few.and also places in malaysia too :) all the mountains i've climbed.all the islands i've been.all the oceans i've swam.all the fish i've seen.all the people i've met.all the things i've done.and all the weird things i've seen or eat too!isn't it amazing? :) i've always wanted to go to fun fairs too.all the rides.cotton candies.i think it's a very cute makes you feel alive and happy while you were there.isn't it? :) then you wait for the fireworks to burst into the sky.woww!how i wish to be apart of that amazing moments :) sigh..i miss the lil kid in's not easy to be an adult be responsible and can't always have fun and fool aroun.i almost forget how it's like to be foolish and careless..oh well..

gonna hit the sack now.need to wake up early i come!!:) nite peeps.much love xx

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