Tuesday, July 14, 2009

can't sleep again.i think i shouldn't drink any milk before sleep.it will make me awake.well actually i was almost shutting my eyes while sewing the beads on the baju kurung.haha.oh yeah,it's my new hobby.lol.sewing beads on baju kurung.well actually i was just trying to give a fresh look on my old baju kurung.just in case i have not enough dresses for azz's receptions.so i came up with an idea to add some beadings on it.just a simple one :) i'm only done for the neckline.need to add more at the sleeves.we'll have to wait and see ;)

sleeping was hard lately.missing is harder.waiting is hardest.how long can a month be?i can tahan 2 months why not 1 month kan?:P well i guess that question should be pointed to azz ;) in less than 3 weeks!she's getting married!! can you believe it?? alhamdulillah.one baju is done.two baju is on its way.if i'm nervous waiting for her big day.imagine tuan empunya badan.gosh!can't wait to meet azz.can't wait to meet everyone on that day!:) (apehal aku nervous!) besides waiting,i guess someone is waiting too.hehe.wink2.i was so freaking nervous when i heard about it.nervous.thrilled.happy.hehe.

and as for my side.mr saru sudah hilang.menyesal letak telepon aritu.huh (T__T) but i know he'll come around :) biarlah dia jalan2.selagi dia takde benda nak buat.baik jalan2 cari makan.unlike us,asek main restaurant city je.haha.hari2 mesti buka.giler addicted.sumpah lagi best dari sims kut.sebab orang2 dia comel :P pastu siap ada bunyi orang masak sambil bunyi cash register.i loike!sampai terngiang2 masuk mimpi :D dey sila jangan tipu bunyi tu tak terngiang2 :P

and guess what??the whole office are addicted.my trainee beside me.my BOSS KECIK beside me.my junior sitting across the room.the BA's two seats across the office.another 2 junior BA's and programmer are playing too!everytime lalu tempat derang sure tengah main restaurant city.damn you facebook!haha.and now farihan pun dah addicted.yang comelnya..kalau orang2 ni penat keje kat restaurant tu.dia akan mati terkangkang atau pengsan sambil menjerit2 " NEED REST OR FEED" (ke FOOD tak ingatlah) gile drama.tapi lawak and comel.so maka dengan itu..saya hari2 buka fb untuk main game ini.and kak alysha juga sudah start menyertai troop kami.welcome to the club kak alysha ;)

pernah dengar lagu Boston?i love the words :
"You don't know me,and you don't even care.."
makes u feel its ok to know a stranger kan? although pesanan mak ayah waktu balik sekolah rendah sewaktu tunggu bas : "Don't talk to strangers" tsk (T__T) well guess what? we were all strangers to everyone until we become friends :) right? ok now,trying to sleep dan mimpi indah,peeps.much love xx

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