Monday, July 20, 2009

drank teh ais again.dang!hope i could sleep tonight.(T__T) met chunkie this evening.sangat happy to see you.kan best macam ni?? every weekends also can meet you :):)

oh i have two great is lela's back.second is azz's coming back VERYY SOON.gosh!can't wait!!thanks azz for calling.macam u dah ada kat umah in KL dah.haha.and the swine flu thingy.not funny okei.and please take a good care of's kind deadly there,huh.insyaAllah may Allah protect you from unwanted disease.lela's back and kicking.talked to her a bit just now.glad to hear she's back ;) and hope she's in her pinkest health too :) (heard that she's skinnier than azz?? and yes lel,i saw the picture!too skinny lahh!! )

oh make it third one,my Japanese friend is coming this Syawal.and i had been missing Japan alot lately and i was planning to detour my actual plan to Japan next year to another place.ehem2.but I guess Japan is coming to me!:)so i definitely can't wait.and guess what? my laptop suddenly decided to died on me :( i'm hoping that my friend could fix it for last try people.if i have to change another fudging hard disk.i am so gonna need to buy a new laptop.after all,my fujitsu had been loyal to me for almost 6 years now :( i guess its time to slowly let it what's the choice? vaio,pavvi or macbook ? :P

gotta force myself to sleep now.hope u had a great weekends.much love xx

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