Friday, July 17, 2009

its been like months ago when i said "ok..i hafta start diet now.." "ok..i'm gonna do five laps on sundays" and guess what?i had missed 3 sundays = 15 laps!! yep.i've not ran for 3 weeks now!! (T__T) sobsob.i've rugi 15kms.which is equal to 3 sticks of satay kajang to be burned.and that's like a journey of ttdi-hartamas for 5 days!! (ikut penchala link) hoh.and i've been eating none stop since bandung.well a week before too!my tummy,to be frank,has not shrink ever since june!crunches are like NONE.tummy is like penari belly dancer version hindustan.yucks! (well mine was much better though) so,yeah.AND i have two weeks before azz's reception!! last time i tried the dress.the aunty need to besarkan the tummy?!well,because masa fitting tu baru lepas makan kat teh tarik place with mom.sedapnye!:P hahahah erin..erin..buat lawak ke?? (nasib baik tak kena besarkan every so0o..people.stop ajak erin makan sedap2 here and there.wait till azz's reception's over,ok!dang!

well alhamdulillah the weight's still the same.although adalah jugak berkurang.hehe.but the tummy is very stubborn.well i definitelyyyy hafta do crunches!next week is gonna be no heavy nasi lemak.roti canai or even roti bakar.drink loads of water and target = 1000 crunches by the end of the month!yoshhh!! diet ON B-)

p/s:just got back from lunch and bought half dozen of big how?:P oh tonight is Harry Potter.yes!

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