Thursday, July 30, 2009

i can't sleep.too tired.but's finally getting hitched.OMG!i seriously can't believe it!!

dear azz,
i'm meeting u in less than 8 are going to be mrs amir!:) i wanna cry now.but i'll save for tomorrow.may Allah bless the both of u.see u soon! off to bed.(trying) much love xx

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

what a weekend!two days off are not enough i shall say.been busy buying stuffs and being creative is all i need.wait till the day come *wink*wink* i will definitely update you on that.anyways,went to nilai springs yesterday for kak mega's bridal was reallllyyy sweet and simple!i love the balloons.despite sitting in the estima full with 50 heliums balloon.i survived!:P the family were funny!we had a great time with dear makciks and neneks i supposed.dancing around being goofy.but cute!i had a great time.and great food too!wish dey was there too :( cepat balik deyku!! (T__T)

hello najwa :)

ok.that's all.untuk tatapan dey :) have a good night peeps.esok isnin.can't wait selasa.much love xx

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

my computer decided to die on me.i am soo gonna hafta look for a new one (T__T) no have to make a proposal to dad.he said yes if PTM is yes *gulp* so,VIAO or XPS or PAVVI? (T__T) anyways,azz's back.just talked to her ;) am going straight to her place after work.can't wait!plus...i'm up to something ..he he..its gonna be hot hot hot weekends ;)

see u soon.i won't be blogging for a while until i buy a new lappy.or maybe i'll blog from my bro' to u later people!wait for my updates for weekends event ;) have a great weekends!! much love xx

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Monday, July 20, 2009

drank teh ais again.dang!hope i could sleep tonight.(T__T) met chunkie this evening.sangat happy to see you.kan best macam ni?? every weekends also can meet you :):)

oh i have two great is lela's back.second is azz's coming back VERYY SOON.gosh!can't wait!!thanks azz for calling.macam u dah ada kat umah in KL dah.haha.and the swine flu thingy.not funny okei.and please take a good care of's kind deadly there,huh.insyaAllah may Allah protect you from unwanted disease.lela's back and kicking.talked to her a bit just now.glad to hear she's back ;) and hope she's in her pinkest health too :) (heard that she's skinnier than azz?? and yes lel,i saw the picture!too skinny lahh!! )

oh make it third one,my Japanese friend is coming this Syawal.and i had been missing Japan alot lately and i was planning to detour my actual plan to Japan next year to another place.ehem2.but I guess Japan is coming to me!:)so i definitely can't wait.and guess what? my laptop suddenly decided to died on me :( i'm hoping that my friend could fix it for last try people.if i have to change another fudging hard disk.i am so gonna need to buy a new laptop.after all,my fujitsu had been loyal to me for almost 6 years now :( i guess its time to slowly let it what's the choice? vaio,pavvi or macbook ? :P

gotta force myself to sleep now.hope u had a great weekends.much love xx

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

you know where i would like to be right now?


well its not because i've been's just i love the name and inside would be my very own adventure.haha.despite the movie was a weee bit slow.kirsten stewart looked pretty disturbed in this movie.but i loved the guy,James.very decent,smart,funny and totally honest..that kind of guy make girls wanna be with him.although he's a bit nerdy from the curls tho :P

well,inside MY adventure land will be places i've been and all the adventures i've been through.all the places i've been..let it be singapore,england,indonesia,saudi arabia,japan to name few.and also places in malaysia too :) all the mountains i've climbed.all the islands i've been.all the oceans i've swam.all the fish i've seen.all the people i've met.all the things i've done.and all the weird things i've seen or eat too!isn't it amazing? :) i've always wanted to go to fun fairs too.all the rides.cotton candies.i think it's a very cute makes you feel alive and happy while you were there.isn't it? :) then you wait for the fireworks to burst into the sky.woww!how i wish to be apart of that amazing moments :) sigh..i miss the lil kid in's not easy to be an adult be responsible and can't always have fun and fool aroun.i almost forget how it's like to be foolish and careless..oh well..

gonna hit the sack now.need to wake up early i come!!:) nite peeps.much love xx

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Friday, July 17, 2009

its been like months ago when i said "ok..i hafta start diet now.." "ok..i'm gonna do five laps on sundays" and guess what?i had missed 3 sundays = 15 laps!! yep.i've not ran for 3 weeks now!! (T__T) sobsob.i've rugi 15kms.which is equal to 3 sticks of satay kajang to be burned.and that's like a journey of ttdi-hartamas for 5 days!! (ikut penchala link) hoh.and i've been eating none stop since bandung.well a week before too!my tummy,to be frank,has not shrink ever since june!crunches are like NONE.tummy is like penari belly dancer version hindustan.yucks! (well mine was much better though) so,yeah.AND i have two weeks before azz's reception!! last time i tried the dress.the aunty need to besarkan the tummy?!well,because masa fitting tu baru lepas makan kat teh tarik place with mom.sedapnye!:P hahahah erin..erin..buat lawak ke?? (nasib baik tak kena besarkan every so0o..people.stop ajak erin makan sedap2 here and there.wait till azz's reception's over,ok!dang!

well alhamdulillah the weight's still the same.although adalah jugak berkurang.hehe.but the tummy is very stubborn.well i definitelyyyy hafta do crunches!next week is gonna be no heavy nasi lemak.roti canai or even roti bakar.drink loads of water and target = 1000 crunches by the end of the month!yoshhh!! diet ON B-)

p/s:just got back from lunch and bought half dozen of big how?:P oh tonight is Harry Potter.yes!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4 years of hardship.being away from the family.stressful exams and dreadful late hours in finally made it through!toast for the master! you are loved.wishing you all the happiness in the world.and perhaps a job in Norway? ;) oh and a belated birthday entry too.


love always,
your zairun.haha.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

can't sleep again.i think i shouldn't drink any milk before will make me awake.well actually i was almost shutting my eyes while sewing the beads on the baju kurung.haha.oh yeah,it's my new beads on baju kurung.well actually i was just trying to give a fresh look on my old baju kurung.just in case i have not enough dresses for azz's i came up with an idea to add some beadings on it.just a simple one :) i'm only done for the neckline.need to add more at the sleeves.we'll have to wait and see ;)

sleeping was hard lately.missing is harder.waiting is long can a month be?i can tahan 2 months why not 1 month kan?:P well i guess that question should be pointed to azz ;) in less than 3 weeks!she's getting married!! can you believe it?? baju is done.two baju is on its way.if i'm nervous waiting for her big day.imagine tuan empunya badan.gosh!can't wait to meet azz.can't wait to meet everyone on that day!:) (apehal aku nervous!) besides waiting,i guess someone is waiting too.hehe.wink2.i was so freaking nervous when i heard about it.nervous.thrilled.happy.hehe.

and as for my saru sudah hilang.menyesal letak telepon aritu.huh (T__T) but i know he'll come around :) biarlah dia jalan2.selagi dia takde benda nak buat.baik jalan2 cari makan.unlike us,asek main restaurant city je.haha.hari2 mesti buka.giler addicted.sumpah lagi best dari sims kut.sebab orang2 dia comel :P pastu siap ada bunyi orang masak sambil bunyi cash register.i loike!sampai terngiang2 masuk mimpi :D dey sila jangan tipu bunyi tu tak terngiang2 :P

and guess what??the whole office are trainee beside BOSS KECIK beside junior sitting across the room.the BA's two seats across the office.another 2 junior BA's and programmer are playing too!everytime lalu tempat derang sure tengah main restaurant city.damn you facebook!haha.and now farihan pun dah addicted.yang comelnya..kalau orang2 ni penat keje kat restaurant tu.dia akan mati terkangkang atau pengsan sambil menjerit2 " NEED REST OR FEED" (ke FOOD tak ingatlah) gile drama.tapi lawak and maka dengan itu..saya hari2 buka fb untuk main game ini.and kak alysha juga sudah start menyertai troop kami.welcome to the club kak alysha ;)

pernah dengar lagu Boston?i love the words :
"You don't know me,and you don't even care.."
makes u feel its ok to know a stranger kan? although pesanan mak ayah waktu balik sekolah rendah sewaktu tunggu bas : "Don't talk to strangers" tsk (T__T) well guess what? we were all strangers to everyone until we become friends :) right? ok now,trying to sleep dan mimpi indah,peeps.much love xx

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

i just got back from watching Public Enemies.johnny depp memang taiko lahhhh..a must see movie.if u like stories like american gangster and godfather ;) it's 3 am and i can't sleep again.anyways,i'm a very very very happy person VERRYYYYY VERYYY..i still have two huge cupcakes and two donuts from my birthday.i dunno how to say this but hugs kisses and loads and loads of loves to all that had made my 25th birthday the best ever!in my whole life! :) it made me realized about all the people i really care :) and i really appreciate all the love they've wishes.long distance call : azz,zaza,kaem,monkey! and gosh god knows how much i really appreciated all the suprise cakes + cupcakes.birthday treats.amazing birthday trip to bandung.i feel loved <3 thank you very much!

well its gonna be a l0onnggg entry as this year's birthday was like s0oo many amazing things had happened.i feel blessed.THANK YOU, ALL OF here goes :)

my first birthday call was by karimah!thanksss..although TERadvanced but the thought that counts :)

then azz very very looongg gossip.i love you azz! <3 and yes.we hope everything will work out for me,and AZZ!!i sempat hantar kain i baru beli in bandung to the tailor on monday!!harap2 sempat siap and fitting by 27th at least! (semangat tau!i have 3 sets of baju for ur wedding!) but since u asked me to go to kelantan.i am out of dresses!!

birthday morning,i was awaken by chunkie's call early before work.i was still sleeping in bed and she sang me happy birthday song.i love wake up call!:) thanks schweettt.. (^3^)

then I had zaza calling me at work,all the way from canberra.thanks za!:) so nice of you to call after your stressful exam..hehe..

dey ku!thanks for the lovely entry for my birthday..i always love that picture u comel kan us? :P i will always smile until i have no u!!:D

then fizz called me at work and she + fiancee belanja me birthday treat at curve for lunch.super yummyyy resepi rahsia :-B

then at night,dear old school friends from ttdi up with sofia + ayun.we had dinner at thai express.never been there and its superr yummyyy.we had green curry.
and sofia had tom yam noodle.then ayun gave me these lovely cupcakes!!i was close to tears!thanks ayun for the cupcakes!ya Allah sumpah sweetness overload!! bestttt and terharu babe!!

and later on,feena called to be the last to wish me on my birthday.kira penutup lah ni..hehe..and she said she'll treat me when i get back from bandung.woww!! more to come??

and the next day i was off to bandung earlllyyyy in the morning.the trip was aweeeesommeeee..the best shopping trip EVERRR!!we shopped like from 8-9pm every day!kaki semua sakit2.despite the walk and kena tipu angkut semua..the shopping part was the best!!well i guess because i have my own cash to buy whatever i want.and dad and lil bro gave me extra shopping yeahh..i was spoiled!shopping is definitely a therapy,huh? :D:D the 4 days trip was s0oo exhausting but yet..the greatest trip ever! :) and i came back with loads of goodies and reached home,CONTENT.

tired and happy from the trip,i saw a parcel on the table when i reached home.all the way from canada :) received a lovely pashmina and postcards from monkey!thanksss paul!i <3 it :) and the next day he called to wish me happy birthday!manis kan?he he..

and on sunday night,i had birthday dinner with finny.she treat me scrumplicious food in delicious :) we had mama's beef bolognese (my favourite) and feena order something fish noodle :P tasted like soup ikan.hehe.and then of course frorsty lemon tea :):) then we had banana pudding for has caramel sauce and super yummy vanilla with it.i've never tasted such yummy banana pudding.haihh..i'm in loveeee :))

then she came today at my office and gave me a birthday present too!just what i was looking for! a new purse :)

done with sweetness overload? more to come.. ;)

then on tuesday lovely lava lava treated me bubba gump for my birthday.serioussss sedappp..we both never had bubba gump before.and turned out ,the food was superrrbbbb!! and i had this awesome drinks called alabama sweet smoothie.its a peanut butter and chocolate with a non fat vanilla frozen yoghurt.gosh!sumpah sedappppp!! (T__T) the word to describe this drink is 'terharu'.macam nak nangis ok minum tu..shedaaapppppp!!huhu..thanks lava!! i lovva lovva u! :) and the food!sila drool~

yummy nachoss with amazing dippings
sweet lava :) 16 years and still counting x
the yummy baramundi fish
jenny's favourite..but not really lava's ;P
and the famous sweet alabama smoothies.on the left (T__T)

and on wednesday! (i hope this is the last.if there's more to come..saya sedia menadah tangan :D ) i had TGI boss treat us lunch,since the enhancement which i was pissing about and all stressed out tahap nak bakar ofis semua has made it to rollout = we ate like all these cheeseyyyy food!like mac and cheese,ciken cheese i dunno what,then the chicken salad again.
like gosh!and then i had strawberry suprise which suprisingly tasted so yummehhh!!i am BLESSED :):) please stop feeding me! i feel so0oo fat right now.

i am s0ooo gonna do 100 crunches a day so that this flabby tummy become flatty again :D but today is jana's wedding!nasi minyak plak..(T__T) anyhow..i am very very blessed and loved.there's nothing else i can say.hontoni arigato gozaimashita minna san!shiawase na zuutooooooo <3 much love xx

P/S: happy birthday u always ;) xx

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

helllooo peeps!! miss me?:P sorrryyy..i need to reset my brain whenever i came back from travelling.i'll become idle (tapi fb aktif giler!hoh!) sorry for the silence.but will definitely update soon ;) pictures were to BIG so need to resize and birthday was amayyyzinggg!!the best i ever had!! (^__^) work had been is overload.sweetness is now,i can't sleep.been sleeping at 2am every day.for no coffee.just awake.i received loadsss of birthday treats!amazing gifts.thoughtful wishes.i LOVE all of you :) will update on birthday and my amazing birthday trip to bandung =) much love xx

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