Saturday, June 13, 2009

this week is full with hectic hectic work.gone back home at 12am last night.and still the work is not done :( overslept today.and missed my routine jog.pfft!glad that i've sent the dress for azz's least i can still make things in place.harap2 menjadi :D and sent the kain for my first handmade shirt too!pun,harap2 menjadi ;) previous note was cut.maybe blogging time emo.very unhealthy :P lets recap last week.woww!this is gonna be a l0onggg entry :P last weekends was weddings and meet ups.met my darling denise.picked her up from her place.kidnap dia pegi curve .pegi daiso nak dekat dua jam.lepak minum kat teh tarik terbaekkk (kata fizah :P)

at night,went to izyan's wedding.superb fabulous!rumahnye superHUGEEE okeii..the theme was black and white.every where is covered with black and white.i loike!very classy.and she wore the most stunning dress!(sorry malam tu saya tak gamba sangat hambar)

and of course darling khadijah was there too.and her lovely kids and hubby (did i tell you ur hubby looked like yassin from brothers :P)

this is omar :) veryy cheekyy

this is aishah with her lazy eyes.very talkative ;)

the doorgifts was <3 cupcakesnya sangatlah sedapppp..i even took ikhwan's (aysha's hubby) doorgift :D so saya dapat dua cupcakes.hehe.oh well..this weekends gonna be another chapter.can't wait for pool party is ONNNNN!!

and i definitely can't wait for another two weeks (^0^)/ have a nice weekends!:) much love xx

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