Wednesday, June 03, 2009

uhuk2..(T__T) i had been sick since saturday! the fever's gone,batuk and selsema pulak.shucks!so i had been in bed watching gossip girl season 2.10 episode straight!woww!super hot okayyy~!i tak..dan..wait2..i think chuck is sumhow hot jugak!aishh..and aaron too!!semua hot boleh?and the girls takyah cakap jenny kaki keding nak mati.dahlah ske pakai skirt pendek saje nak tunjuk kaki dia memang keding >:p pfft! vanessa sangatttt mesmerizingg..serena macam gedik.blair cute!so semua pun best..storyline...perghh memang balik umah arini nak terus masuk comforter layan sorang2.hahaha..

oh guess what this lil miss on sick cooked for dinner?heeee :D my very own carbonara spagetti!;) i never cooked carbonara.well i don't fancy cheese sauce that i decided to cook my 'fast' food.with a lil bit carbonara hybrid ;) wallahhh~

the color abit dark because bawang hangus!hahah sikit je tauu!!;p

sumpah sedappppppp...i never tasted anything like this!!not tooo cheesssyyy like carbonara.sebab nanti cepat muak.i add diced tomatoes.and supeerrrrrr sedapppp!! it was cooked under 30mins ;) so sempat mandi sambil tunggu spagetti direbus.haa..harini saya baik hati..saya bagi resepi baru carbonara hybrid saya although meat sauce spagetti saya juga menjadi kegilaan ramai.ecehhhh B-) cepat cepat..amek pen dan kertas (kalau berminatlah..kalau tak berminat.sila tutup skrin computer sekarang jugak :P)

erin's hybrid carbonara

one canned of prego cheese cream sauce
one tomato
one onion
minced meat
one teaspoon of sugar
half spoon of salt
cooking oil / olive oil
a packet of spagetti

how to cook :
spagetti :
boil it as always with a lil bit salt and one spoon of oil for 20-30mins

the sauce :
diced the onion into cube
diced the tomato
put the diced onions into the pan.and fry it.
when you can smell the aroma,put in the minced meat
you fry fry..then you put in the cheese sauce
lasttttt but not put in the diced tomatoes
and one spoon of sugar and a wee bit of salt ;)


nah kasi upclose and personal drool sket =p~

i'm starting to drool can always add more cheese or whatsoever.but not to make it to0o 'memuakkan'.just some sweet,sourness and cheessiness. ;) so have a nice day.selamat mencuba!you know you love me xoxo

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