Monday, June 29, 2009

i'm your sexy doctor.(you can only see my eyes.haha.ok vain kejap)

i just got a longgg happy call from azz <3 advanced birthday wish from karimah in ganu ;) and i just got back from a l0oonnggg happy chat (in car) with nadz.hehe..kenapa kita selalu nak bergossip dalam kete ek? :P but hey,i love you girls!! i'm off to bed now.happy birthday to me :) who said i'm old.i'm just not so young :D much love xx

p/s:off to bandung in less than 24hours!so say hello to your hawt doctor.haha.that hawt doctor look is what you gonna see on the rest of the bandung trip.well,until the air is cleared up.i oink oink lah you :(

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