Sunday, June 21, 2009

today was so tiringgg..woke up at 9!overslept.missed the jog :( dad sprained his ankle while badminton.

11.30am,brunch with brotherly love <3 i feel so pampered!haha!adik dan abang sangat bergaya menjaga saya.(ye ke derang jaga.padahal jaga tepi kain je:P) meal at jasima.head to curve.bought slr.hoho!rebel eos 1000d.just like mr.saru's ;) not mine.big bro's.hehe.but he doesn't know how to use it.asked me to use first.test power all the way lah kann B-) and i'm loving it!need to start to brush up the skill.hoho.

345pm,off to bukit jalil.picked up sis and fam.

6.45pm,went to tanjung harapan.seafood bash for father's day.superrrr full.superrr yummy.ate big apple for dessert.there goes my diet down the drain :( gotta run 5kms tomorrow.MUST!

00.37am,tonight sleeping with retainer.meeting chunkie at 11am tomorrow.must look awesome!because i'm meeting awesome friends!haha!and we're going to awesome +WM!and gonna test awesome rebel!;) can't wait to meet the crazy girls from jepang!

have a good nite sleep.have a great weekends ;) much love xx

p/s:congrats to kak mizz!!superrr cute lah ur izzah!and to aishah nipon juge.for delivering a baby girl this morning.will see u soon!x

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