Saturday, June 27, 2009

ok it took me forever.i typed like long shit.then i delete.hehe.i am getting very little sleep my brain haywire.watched transformers.superbb lah weeyhhh!!100 bintang out of 5! :D came home at 4am for that awesome movie.awesome night it was.not sleeping well the long wake up call <3 thank uuuu :):) played restaurant lah ni,dey!:P had caramel frap with choc chips.superlove.three days until bandung.two days until turning a quarter of century (T__T) made me feel old.i miss my life a where's crazy cute decent erin went?cehhh.. :P she grew up becoming weird stressful,crazy and still decent but crazier.(giler vain ke ape..) so to make her becoming the crazy cute decent erin again.maybe you could cheer her up by fulfilling her wish lists for her birthday :P

HUGO BOSS ORANGE by siena miller ;);)
or GHOST (ni alel je tau nih.haha!)
fossil vintage purse.
or segue navy blue purse
or perhaps aigner purse (T__T)
my very own slr (is the rebel counted?:P)
new watch from anywhere.haha
ok2..maybe a shopping spree :D
urmm..a great hangout
and perhaps..a purrfect shopping getaway.haha

so yeah..i tak mintak banyak.sikit je :P but over the years,i feel more at ease this year.feel like there's nothing to celebrate but just to have good friends and people i love around more being childish and disagree and complains over littlest yeah..wish me all the happiness in life and may i found the right person some day :) agreed? have a great weekends!much love xx

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