Wednesday, June 24, 2009

arghhh tension.drank teh ais santai.very the kaw la i can't sleep.but hafta go to work longer there ('s the last thing i wanna say..) but well..i hope things will turned out a day off and i.view.took EL :D end up going to the mall with went home for sleep.he knew going to the mall with mom is a big NO NO.she can be wayyyy shopaholic than me!and once ur in the handbags department.she's like this superwoman.swoooshh leftt..swooshh right.then she's was s0o worn out!went back tired.but satisfied.fooling around with the new baby.reading the manuals here and there.but still sucks at it.but big bro's getting hang of it.fixing the aperture shutter speed whatsoever.IT's a guy thing i manuals's really interesting when you see the results.but kinda tiring too :P haha.talking about camera shots.a friend who's calling all the wayyyyy just to explain on that!thank you monkey :) you made my day <3 i'm still stoked from the weekends with chunky and the long distance call.definitely waiting for the mail's nice to have great people around you :)

goshhh..had the i.view today.the i.view was hillariousss..and WEIRD.i went inside the room and the person was asking me where i was borned?? the conversion was something like :

mrs a. : please introduce yourself
me : my name is nur zaireen binti adnan
mrs a : where were you borned?
me : besar kuala lumpur (general hospital KL)
mrs a : (while looking at my birth cert) nooooo....incorrect.HKL doesn't have labour ward...
me : ???? urmmm..i think i was borned in HKL.and i'm really sure of it (gosh!)
mrs a : come here and read it (while pointing the cert)
me : (biar betul mrs a nih??) ouh..urmm..HOSPITAL BERSALIN KL. (labouring hospital??)
me : he he.. :B (what the helll????)

well..pretty much..the lady was reallyyyy messing around with me.well i can't stop laughing at her jokes and thinking that she must be reallllyyyy not in the mood to be serious.weirdddd..but oh well,at least she wasn't giving me a hard time :) overall it was ok.but i wasn't happy with mrs a.she made me look kinda silly..but well..she was being silly from the first place.but i hope to see you again mrs a *wink*wink* eyes almost shutting now.can't wait to watch transformers!i'm so gonna wear the decepticons tshirt during the movie.its way cooler than the autobot..but i still like jazz and bumble bee :D oh well,lets see how it goes,people.autobots,roll out! much love xx

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