Thursday, June 18, 2009

OMFG!as in oh my f**king gruesomee!! like what the?? i just got back from watching 'Drag Me To Hell'.seriously...the movie sucks!! at first was like goshh!!scarry as hell (well just like the title) like all these creepy horror movie about spirits whatsoever.and after 1 and half hour!everything was like weird nenek died and her corpse was actually vomiting gruesome greenish fluid.then the heroin killed her cat.for sacrifices then the ghost vomit back her cat and said "i don't need your cat sacrifices" then there's even a part when the lady was biten by the granny but the granny has no teeth gosh!very geli lah!!and then everything just don't make sense anymore.DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!seriously!a horror movie that end up making people laughing at its predicted storyline.and the cinema was FULL okayyy..i really pitied those people.well i pitied myself too!i wanted to watch terminator (ye,saya belum tengok:P) and lil bro was insisting to watch his typical horror movie.gosh!end up,we grunted all the way back from the cinema.very very fact,i could NEVER complaint on movies.but this one,like can go to one of those Malaysian's jangan pandang belakang congkak category (at least the title sounded funny) sorrylah.i very pangkah u lah whatever Raimi's brothers who made this movie.the sound effects was like BOOM BANG POW POM semua ada.but end up..lorhhhh..she died in the end.with her eyes bulging like scooby doo getting his scobby snacks.betul!!tak tipu.guess what? you can drag your movie to hell!pffttt!!>:P

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