Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yesterday was superhectic!held these cute lil boys of mine baby pool party.nothing fancy.just good food,great bash and superlove family <3

splashing timeeeeee~ : birthday boys; eyman + ameer

food galores : my specialties:meat sauce spagetti.mom's fried rice and my cute lil tuna canopies for the little kids :)

and of course the birthday cake :)

the birthday boy was all worn out and sleepy..see those eyes!:P

and the next agenda was BBQing!!!mom's marinated BBQ sauce is the best lah!!

then we had the opening present ceremony!!! well since there were only 3 families involved.so just 3 presents were open :P first present was from his walid :

i am lightning Mc Queen..roarrr roarrrr
then we have the gift from cik farah

a remote control car.terus main!!
then from aunty eyin!!

bob's backpack!! i loike!;) supercute kan?? :D

well guess what?the birthday boy who was almost shutting his eyes during candle blowing..was then WIDE awake!! terus main the remote control car till he dozed off at 5!so chuuuuteeeee!!:D

and as for me.took a shower.solat and dozed off till 9pm.lol.woke up again for dinner and pengsan again till morning.damn tired.but superrrr fun!hope u had a great weekends!i'm counting another 2 more weeks!and off for another getaway!can't waitt!!:) much love xx

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