Friday, June 12, 2009

today got back at 10pm.after a lo0ooonnggg timee..hectic work is wau sin macam gampang.seriously.tell me how good are they if anak buah boleh kena sound dengan client?bite me!baekkk punya dia sound.siap tulis email.bold bold.merah merah.kaler kaler.and yes.the mail is definitely pointing to me!well..i must be THAT bad huh?eiishh..i don't like lah to make my blog as a place for channeling my anger.nak marah2 orang will make other people reading it will not be in a good mood too,agree?very bad karma.

lets start with good news!encik saru sudah pulang!yes!setelah 2 bulan mengembara.tsk tsk (T__T) tak ke best hidup.tak payah risau pasal bekerja bawah arahan orang.but i totally understand.every person,every bos..semuanya start dari bawah juga,bukan? :) chunkie is finally working in KL.can't wait tu see u nuwen! and azz is coming home soon!well..of course lagi sebulan! and lagi sebulan jugak lah she's getting married!sila tak percaya.anddd...another 2 weeks to go before i could get off from these hectic work!and i definitely hope for a better luck.lately i have no mood to update.nothing to be brag about except for i went to meet my darling ex-bedmate last sunday.go shopping at daiso.and superbroke right now.baru tengah bulan!lol.well spent too much money on preparations for bandung ;p and bought lil ameer a lil expensive gift.but i bet he's gonna superlove it!will update on that later.i miss lil munchkin so much

he came to the house today.even 3g calling me "yin...kat ne? lik..lik.." geram feel like wanna gigit his pipi.well..guess what lil buddy!i'm gonna throw u a party this sunday ;) so peeps.till pen meets papua~ tell fingers meet keyboard? :P have a good sleep.much love xx

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