Tuesday, June 30, 2009

had an amayyyyzinggg day today :) lunch with fizz + fiancee.

dinner with ayun + sofia.cupcakes + cakes.superlove!

thanks everyone for the calls,wish,treats and love.i feel loved :):) packed my bags.shades.passport.cash.cameras.and ready to go!!

off to bandung now.see u next week!much love xx

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Monday, June 29, 2009

i'm your sexy doctor.(you can only see my eyes.haha.ok vain kejap)

i just got a longgg happy call from azz <3 advanced birthday wish from karimah in ganu ;) and i just got back from a l0oonnggg happy chat (in car) with nadz.hehe..kenapa kita selalu nak bergossip dalam kete ek? :P but hey,i love you girls!! i'm off to bed now.happy birthday to me :) who said i'm old.i'm just not so young :D much love xx

p/s:off to bandung in less than 24hours!so say hello to your hawt doctor.haha.that hawt doctor look is what you gonna see on the rest of the bandung trip.well,until the air is cleared up.i guess.haihh..h1n1..so oink oink lah you :(

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

ok it took me forever.i typed like long shit.then i delete.hehe.i am getting very little sleep lately.so my brain haywire.watched transformers.superbb lah weeyhhh!!100 bintang out of 5! :D came home at 4am for that awesome movie.awesome night it was.not sleeping well lately.love the long wake up call <3 thank uuuu :):) played restaurant city.addicted.you lah ni,dey!:P had caramel frap with choc chips.superlove.three days until bandung.two days until turning a quarter of century (T__T) made me feel old.i miss my life a lot.like where's crazy cute decent erin went?cehhh.. :P she grew up becoming weird stressful,crazy and still decent but crazier.(giler vain ke ape..) so to make her becoming the crazy cute decent erin again.maybe you could cheer her up by fulfilling her wish lists for her birthday :P

HUGO BOSS ORANGE by siena miller ;);)
or GHOST (ni alel je tau nih.haha!)
fossil vintage purse.
or segue navy blue purse
or perhaps aigner purse (T__T)
my very own slr (is the rebel counted?:P)
new watch from anywhere.haha
ok2..maybe a shopping spree :D
urmm..a great hangout
and perhaps..a purrfect shopping getaway.haha

so yeah..i tak mintak banyak.sikit je :P but over the years,i feel more at ease this year.feel like there's nothing to celebrate but just to have good friends and people i love around me.no more being childish and disagree and complains over littlest things.so yeah..wish me all the happiness in life and may i found the right person some day :) agreed? have a great weekends!much love xx

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Friday, June 26, 2009

weee..it's weekend!!!and i surely can't wait for tonight!yes i know you all had watched the movie.ada aku kisah?haha.well i'm all pumped up!i even bought this ok! just to wear it tonight!;)

so..hope you'll have a great weekend :) because i had a great start and i hope for a great weekends too :) much love xx

P/S: may he rest in peace,Michael Jackson 26062009

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

arghhh tension.drank teh ais santai.very the kaw la weyh.now i can't sleep.but hafta go to work tomorrow.my heart..no longer there (sigh..it's the last thing i wanna say..) but well..i hope things will turned out ok.got a day off today.clinic and i.view.took EL :D end up going to the mall with mom.dad went home for sleep.he knew going to the mall with mom is a big NO NO.she can be wayyyy shopaholic than me!and once ur in the handbags department.she's like this superwoman.swoooshh leftt..swooshh right.then she's gone.lol.i was s0o worn out!went back tired.but satisfied.fooling around with the new baby.reading the manuals here and there.but still sucks at it.but big bro's getting hang of it.fixing the aperture shutter speed whatsoever.IT's a guy thing i guess.no manuals needed.lol.it's really interesting when you see the results.but kinda tiring too :P haha.talking about camera shots.a friend who's calling all the wayyyyy just to explain on that!thank you monkey :) you made my day <3 i'm still stoked from the weekends with chunky and the long distance call.definitely waiting for the mail too.it's nice to have great people around you :)

goshhh..had the i.view today.the i.view was hillariousss..and WEIRD.i went inside the room and the person was asking me where i was borned?? the conversion was something like :

mrs a. : please introduce yourself
me : my name is nur zaireen binti adnan
mrs a : where were you borned?
me : urmm..hospital besar kuala lumpur (general hospital KL)
mrs a : (while looking at my birth cert) nooooo....incorrect.HKL doesn't have labour ward...
me : ???? urmmm..i think i was borned in HKL.and i'm really sure of it (gosh!)
mrs a : salaahhhh...you come here and read it (while pointing the cert)
me : (biar betul mrs a nih??) ouh..urmm..HOSPITAL BERSALIN KL. (labouring hospital??)
me : he he.. :B (what the helll????)

well..pretty much..the lady was reallyyyy messing around with me.well i can't stop laughing at her jokes and thinking that she must be reallllyyyy not in the mood to be serious.weirdddd..but oh well,at least she wasn't giving me a hard time :) overall it was ok.but i wasn't happy with mrs a.she made me look kinda silly..but well..she was being silly from the first place.but i hope to see you again mrs a *wink*wink*

okayy..my eyes almost shutting now.can't wait to watch transformers!i'm so gonna wear the decepticons tshirt during the movie.its way cooler than the autobot..but i still like jazz and bumble bee :D oh well,lets see how it goes,people.autobots,roll out! much love xx

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

i was tagged by my wonderful friend,ayun,a veryyyy veryyyy long gooood friend of mine.she just got married recently.and i love her fish eye.so i'm doing this tag for her and her fish eye :P

1. Anda rasa anda hot?
sekarang pun rasa hot.panas betul malaysia ni eh :P well,straight answer is..i don't feel hot.i feel smokinggggg hawtttttt.auwwww!XD

2.Upload gambar kegemaran anda?

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
she's my shoulder to cry on :) and saya rasa dia hot,kan?B-)

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
urmm..9th june.i think.hehe

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
closer by travis.sambil lepak sama orang gila :)

6. Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
update blog.update fb.study untuk PTM.arghhhh!!!

7. Selain name sendiri, anda suke dipanggil dgn nama apa?
zaireen,eyin and monyet :P

8. Tag lagi 5 org?
1. nuwen
2. kaem!
3. dey ku!!
4. missy mizah
5. kak yan di jepang :)

9. Siapa no. 1 pada anda?
she knows all my dirty little secrets

10. Orang no. 3 ada hubungan dgn sesiapa?
ada.dengan kelasi kapal.hiks.

11. Kata sesuatu mengenai org no. 5?
the greatest senpai i ever had!:)

12. Bagaimana pula org no. 2?
sangat pandai.pintar and very determine :P dia tahu rahsia saya juga

13. Pesanan kpd no. 4?
i wanna see your baby!!!!

ok dah abes tag.hehe.ok ayun? ;) dah lama tak buat tag.harini gelak macam orang gila.lepak sama chunkie dan eti.sangat hepi.and lepak at +wm.lagi hepi.dapat makan foxy red itu terbaekkkk..kick some actions on the new rebel.miahaha.too many pictures taken.just gonna upload few of my favourite :)

untuk dey :)

ok nak tido.selamat malam.esok isnin :( tapi tulat masuk gaji :) next week pegi bandung :)) have a good rest.much love xx

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today was so tiringgg..woke up at 9!overslept.missed the jog :( dad sprained his ankle while badminton.

11.30am,brunch with brotherly love <3 i feel so pampered!haha!adik dan abang sangat bergaya menjaga saya.(ye ke derang jaga.padahal jaga tepi kain je:P) meal at jasima.head to curve.bought slr.hoho!rebel eos 1000d.just like mr.saru's ;) not mine.big bro's.hehe.but he doesn't know how to use it.asked me to use first.test power all the way lah kann B-) and i'm loving it!need to start to brush up the skill.hoho.

345pm,off to bukit jalil.picked up sis and fam.

6.45pm,went to tanjung harapan.seafood bash for father's day.superrrr full.superrr yummy.ate big apple for dessert.there goes my diet down the drain :( gotta run 5kms tomorrow.MUST!

00.37am,tonight sleeping with retainer.meeting chunkie at 11am tomorrow.must look awesome!because i'm meeting awesome friends!haha!and we're going to awesome +WM!and gonna test awesome rebel!;) can't wait to meet the crazy girls from jepang!

have a good nite sleep.have a great weekends ;) much love xx

p/s:congrats to kak mizz!!superrr cute lah ur izzah!and to aishah nipon juge.for delivering a baby girl this morning.will see u soon!x

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

OMFG!as in oh my f**king gruesomee!! like what the?? i just got back from watching 'Drag Me To Hell'.seriously...the movie sucks!! at first was like goshh!!scarry as hell (well just like the title) like all these creepy horror movie about spirits whatsoever.and suddenlyyy..like after 1 and half hour!everything was like weird nenek died and her corpse was actually vomiting gruesome greenish fluid.then the heroin killed her cat.for sacrifices then the ghost vomit back her cat and said "i don't need your cat sacrifices" then there's even a part when the lady was biten by the granny but the granny has no teeth gosh!very geli lah!!and then everything just don't make sense anymore.DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!seriously!a horror movie that end up making people laughing at its predicted storyline.and the cinema was FULL okayyy..i really pitied those people.well i pitied myself too!i wanted to watch terminator (ye,saya belum tengok:P) and lil bro was insisting to watch his typical horror movie.gosh!end up,we grunted all the way back from the cinema.very very disappointing.in fact,i could NEVER complaint on movies.but this one,like can go to one of those Malaysian's jangan pandang belakang congkak category (at least the title sounded funny) sorrylah.i very pangkah u lah whatever Raimi's brothers who made this movie.the sound effects was like BOOM BANG POW POM semua ada.but end up..lorhhhh..she died in the end.with her eyes bulging like scooby doo getting his scobby snacks.betul!!tak tipu.guess what? you can drag your movie to hell!pffttt!!>:P

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yesterday was superhectic!held these cute lil boys of mine baby pool party.nothing fancy.just good food,great bash and superlove family <3

splashing timeeeeee~ : birthday boys; eyman + ameer

food galores : my specialties:meat sauce spagetti.mom's fried rice and my cute lil tuna canopies for the little kids :)

and of course the birthday cake :)

the birthday boy was all worn out and sleepy..see those eyes!:P

and the next agenda was BBQing!!!mom's marinated BBQ sauce is the best lah!!

then we had the opening present ceremony!!! well since there were only 3 families involved.so just 3 presents were open :P first present was from his walid :

i am lightning Mc Queen..roarrr roarrrr
then we have the gift from cik farah

a remote control car.terus main!!
then from aunty eyin!!

bob's backpack!! i loike!;) supercute kan?? :D

well guess what?the birthday boy who was almost shutting his eyes during candle blowing..was then WIDE awake!! terus main the remote control car till he dozed off at 5!so chuuuuteeeee!!:D

and as for me.took a shower.solat and dozed off till 9pm.lol.woke up again for dinner and pengsan again till morning.damn tired.but superrrr fun!hope u had a great weekends!i'm counting another 2 more weeks!and off for another getaway!can't waitt!!:) much love xx

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

this week is full with hectic hectic work.gone back home at 12am last night.and still the work is not done :( overslept today.and missed my routine jog.pfft!glad that i've sent the dress for azz's reception.at least i can still make things in place.harap2 menjadi :D and sent the kain for my first handmade shirt too!pun,harap2 menjadi ;) previous note was cut.maybe blogging time emo.very unhealthy :P lets recap last week.woww!this is gonna be a l0onggg entry :P last weekends was weddings and meet ups.met my darling denise.picked her up from her place.kidnap dia pegi curve .pegi daiso nak dekat dua jam.lepak minum kat teh tarik terbaekkk (kata fizah :P)

at night,went to izyan's wedding.superb fabulous!rumahnye superHUGEEE okeii..the theme was black and white.every where is covered with black and white.i loike!very classy.and she wore the most stunning dress!(sorry malam tu saya tak sihat.so gamba sangat hambar)

and of course darling khadijah was there too.and her lovely kids and hubby (did i tell you ur hubby looked like yassin from brothers :P)

this is omar :) veryy cheekyy

this is aishah with her lazy eyes.very talkative ;)

the doorgifts was <3 cupcakesnya sangatlah sedapppp..i even took ikhwan's (aysha's hubby) doorgift :D so saya dapat dua cupcakes.hehe.oh well..this weekends gonna be another chapter.can't wait for tomorrow.baby pool party is ONNNNN!!

and i definitely can't wait for another two weeks (^0^)/ have a nice weekends!:) much love xx

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