Wednesday, May 13, 2009

its starts today!miss boss kecik is out of the office for a month!and today,i have N.O things to do.but to wait for the orang bank to test on my program fixes.i am currently addicted to ashton kutcher on twitter and ustream.he's so funny lah.ada ke patut,he gets online.get on ustream,and raced with CNN beat them on how many viewers are watching CNN compared to watching him.and he won!more than 1million people watched him.*cuckkorayzee* then he was about to open a bottle of wine (with his own hands without the corkscrew) to celebrate lah opened! (cork is not easily open okay) and spilled on his 'new' macbook!good job ashton!:P you are my superhero!haha.oh,i can also see demi moore besides him during the video.they are so good together, fight fight one ;p (what's the point erin,cakap jelah jealous)

do you have an addiction?a fetish that you can't explain.for example,smelling ur boyfriend's armpit.(sumpah wangi tau.if they wear the right thing lah.haha) or maybe biting people ( i do that to everyone!even biting my dad,my lil nephew,and lil bro :P) well my addiction is baca percaya ke? :P addiction is to drag my mouse.go to facebook,then typed 'P*** *****' at the search button.haha.takde keje kan?but i tell u.if that page has nuffnang.orang tu boleh kaya.serious.if i'm a stalker.i can tell who's ur friend got married last week,what u did with ur mom last week semua..(duhh..last week semua orang celebrate mother's day kuttt) semua semua lah.tapi saya bukan dun worry ;) but yes,my current affiliation is keeping updated with mr.saru.heh.and drinking tea.without fail,every single tell me,is this fetish unhealthy or just innocent addiction ;p much love xx

current song : world hold on,bob sinclar

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