Thursday, May 14, 2009

this is what happened when you watch too many asthon on twitter and ustream.shucks!i am now drooling at the ding dongs (although i know it looked like the typical 'HERO',that chocolate cake in a pack thing,back then when we were kids) this crazy guy is cuckoorayzeee!! remember i told you about the CNN vs ashton on ustream.gosh!! guess what? now he's ding dong ditching his friend,ted at the CNN!! (main reason is because this 'ted' guy doesn't have a bell at his house (kut) )he even put his flag on top of the CNN!you rock lah man! tak sia-sia i minat u!

can you see that @aplusk sign?that is ashton's in twitter.and what's even heart wrenching is when he was giving away a VAN of ding dongs to whoever on the streets!! at first he gave like one ding dongs for everyone.and suddenly he was like "just give them a case! i have a van of ding dong here to give away" (T_T) a case?? that's like TWELVE DING DONGS!! tak ke melt melt.dahlah baik hati.handsome plak tu.i wish i was on that street this :

he is majorrrrr truant man!!ur da man!!and he even rang a HUGE bell under ted's HUGE one!! u wanna see more? go here : ashton ding dong ditched ted turner haha.ok..enough on ashton.i'm going to find a ding dong in a bit.btw,this is how ding dongs looked like

i'm seriously gonna find one kejap lagi :P serious drool lah weh!

p/s:stay tuned for the updates :p

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