Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just had my vanilla coke and hershey kisses.what a goood day i'm having right now.but i don't like the bank people a.k.a client a.k.a user yang malas nak ikut FRS and user guide.and hoping that we can always pick up the phone and figure out the error they did.bullshit.the bank people is so troublesome i tell u.they're like 24hours busy and they tend to pile up our work after 5!they even call at 6pm!that's like our 'balik' time!where is ur life people??

since miss boss kecik will be away for a month.and i will definitely hafta handle the bugs on my own (T_T) scarrryy..because i know what is like to be handling the bank people,alone.(oh,kepada sesapa yang kerja bank.anda tidak termasuk dalam post ini.saya hanya tuju kepada client saya sahaja.terpaksa am kan panggilan supaya tidak dikesan oleh orang ramai siapakah yang dituju dalam post ini.sekian) so besides working today..i am twittering.haha.its kinda fun.although ntah papa.but fun!:) anyways,it was super fun to talk to nuren (ok.nak tergelak again!) she made the funniest statement ever!and O.M.G nuwen!pleaseeeee..don't do that again.haha.trust me,girls and boys CAN NOT be JUST friends.remember?? :P

went to wm.did the order.wallahh~ final touch is the people and the props.finger crossed babes.don't ruin this.i'm expecting uber fun-ness! :D and its only 3 days left.better make it happen ;) so many people getting married nowadays.i am not worried that i'm not getting married.but i'm worried that time flew dayme fast,man!ape dia ingat dia forest gump ke? "run forrest!run!".pfftt!whatsoever,i know i'm turning two five this year.wow!big number,big responsibility.(tiba2 ingat big apple!:P) erin,focus focus!!ok2 jap..jap..ok dah.nak tido :P much love xx

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