Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i am torn between swine flu and limited cash.haha.damn u swine flu!and damn you MAS for fixing damn unreasonable price to Japan for coming April.well,i got a package from Japan last friday.yep another thoughtful gift from my best friend in Japan,Yuki Ieda!(seriously i miss her s0o much!) and the moment i received the parcel..i started to feel something..there must be a reason for these wonderful gifts.

as soon as i opened up the box.i saw my favourite pocky (wajib dapat every year!haha) and some osenbe from Japan.and a CARD

yes that lovely sakura card.and as i was reading thru her words..i saw "kekkon shiki" and i was like "WHATTTTT?!!! she's getting married!!" happy happy happy happy \(^0^)/

last time she came to Malaysia..she was having this hard time with her ex.and lucky her!she met another guy right after she came to Malaysia (-_- ") and here he is!

mr i-forgot-to-ask-his-name.hehehe

i am so happy for her.that she's getting married this june!OMG!she makes me wanna go to Japan,right now!so i terus check on the MAS website and found a two ways tix for MYR2097!!with tax and all!what the hell?!! memang nak pegi lah kannnnn!!! haihhh if there's no swine flu and i am not stucked here.i am so going to Japan right this very minute.what do u think?is it ok to go Japan this June? (i wanna see her wedding..but I wanna see sakura in April too and the tix is double!(T_T) ) much love xx

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