Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it was only 24hours earlier.she called me.asking about the card.and guess what?there it is..the silver-white envelope :)

seeing the card.seriously..it sends shiver right into me.yes.the nervous wreck.the joy and the itsy bitsy tinny winny sadness awashed me.with that little note she attached.i almost cried.that cute lil handwritting :P aiyooo..bila mau tukar?? :P

rindunyeeeeee...seriouslyyyy..i wish you were here.don't have to work so far.so that we can go lepak minum at curve or rasta.or maybe drop by your house after work borak2.aishhh...but i think its better to be afar.because later if we live like 10mins away we will not miss each other that much,rite? ;) i love the card!the feeling of it when u slowly touch the surface,the emboss.wowww!! serious rasa macam (T__T) and i love you too of cos!really looking forward for july..and perhaps we'll be 2 hours away soon ;) hope to see u soon babe.in your wedding dress <3 much love xx

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